fantasy sunglasses...

when i’m on the water, especially kayaking, my sunnies get wet, then they get salt splotches and stains and it’s a real pain in the arse. almost impossible to clean in the field. so i have this crazy idea that there is a sunglass on the market that have great quality, optics and fit, and shed water. when the salt stains start to form, i can squirt them with fresh from my water bottle and they’re clean and and clear again.

so both Oakley and Maui Jim claim to make this kind of hydrophobic lens, but i’m skeptical and no retailer will allow me to demo this technology. what’s a guy to do?

Paddle only fresh water.

try rain X on some Walmart polarized sun glasses. They are found in the fishing section. personally i cant tell the difference between those and a pair of expensive Costa Delmar’s, or how ever you spell it… how ever my wallet can tell the difference. heck at that price you could purchase a couple and when one gets crusty just swap it out.

Best water sunglasses I’ve ever had.

Do not fog.

Prescription too!!!
I’m all over that - wonder how much my insurance reimbursement for glasses this year would apply… if any

Eyeglass coating
Two products work nicely:

RainX (A spray on, wipe-off), or “Cat-Crap” (A wax like stuff you smear on, then wipe off). Water slides off easily. The RainX can be bought in the auto supply area of any store, the Cat-Crap is available where they sell skiing or outdoor gear.

both rule rain x my fav for saltwater cat crap pretty awesome also

Not worth it
In my gear geek days I ordered the Oak Water Jacket, that look like the glasses in the link above, with the “hydrophobic” coating. Nice glasses, will stay on in pretty much anything, but not worth the money imo. They just use a rain-x type solution that makes getting the salt off easier, but still get salt spots when on the water.

I’ve just gotten used to the salty spots, and do a little fresh water rinse then cleaning cloth at night before putting glasses away, maybe a touch up at a break on the water if I’m mindful enough…