Fantasy Water body

This is kind of like one of those “lists for a desert island” games. Say you were “magically” given a large private resevoir, with absolutely nothing living in it yet, and it was yours to stock with whatever 5 species of fish you want from anywhere in the world, and it is a true fantasy, you are not constrained at all by geography, climate, biology, whatever - the only catch is you have to chose either freshwater or saltwater - no cutthroat trout alongside blue marlin.

So, who’s in your five?

Bonus for those who choose saltwater - you can also add up to 3 species of shellfish in addition to your 5 finfish.

My response
I choose saltwater, and I am going to go with warm-temperate to tropical.

  1. Dolphin (mahi mahi)
  2. Florida Pompano
  3. Coral Beauty Angelfish (something pretty to look at)
  4. Mangrove Snapper
  5. Moorish Idol (another pretty to look at)

    And my shellfish:

  6. Spiny Lobster
  7. Stone Crab
  8. Gulf Shrimp

Because I like trees and a saltwater
pond would have a detrimental affect on surrounding plant life of the type I like, I’ll stick to warm water fresh water fish. My preference no certain order is catfish, bass, and bream.

All reservoirs have outlets

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I'll go freshwater and put in some walleye, perch, bluegills, largemouth and smallmouth bass. And because all reservoirs have outlets, I'll look there for brookies.

First I’d blow up the dam
to make a free-flowing stream. Then I’d make sure it was stocked with smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, muskie and stripers.

My 5
Fish: Trout, Bluegill, Smallmouths, Pike, Walleye.

Crusteacens: Scuds, Crawfish, Snails

Peacock Bass, Small-mouth bass, Northern Pike, Brown Trout, Steelhead.

That would be my choice. I cherish the fight!

What he said

gotta side with le’Dirty one. Ed…want me to bring the dynamite?.

Gimme a river with some class II-III lumps every mile or so, with lots of bronze beauties (the fish kind AND the coed-tuber species)Muskies, stripers, a few crappie and cats ,the last 2 for eatin’ purposes) and I’m a happy guy.

Gotta go fresh…
BIG Bluegill

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Northern Pike

Blue Catfish

Believe it or not, I’d throw in some Zebra Mussels, Apple Snails and a ton of Crawfish.