Farmer John Fit Question

First let me preface my question with a statement that I’m pretty much out of the water until late spring when the water gets above 50.

With that said, I purchased my 3mm (MTI) farmer john when I was a few pounds heavier. The suit still feels snug everywhere except just behind my neck where the neoprene tends to ripple away from my body a bit. Is this a problem?

Under the farmer john, I’ve taken to wearing a 1mm MTI skinsulate top that fits good an snug all around.


not really
The big issue with farmer johns is flushout – that’s when a bunch of water rushes into the neck opening. It’s a bigger issue diving through surf. Do you wear some sort of paddling jacket? That should mitigate the flushout.

Congratulations on losing a few lbs!

Sometimes Yes Sometimes No
I’ve been using the paddle jacket in late fall (November). When I get back in the water in late spring I have been using the 1mm under the 3mm farmer john.


my own preferred setup
Didn’t mention that I paddle in a full 3mm/2mm suit designed for surfing (O’Neill). Unlike some, I find that the careful cut of a surfing suit gives me great mobility. In warmer water, I roll the top down a bit, snugging the pfd over things. (I think a pfd that isn’t a little tight is dangerous.) Cool conditions (Monterey Bay where I paddle is hovering around 50F right now) I use the suit. I recently acquired another piece of O’Neill gear that I’m very high on. It’s a sleeveless top in a fleecy fabric kind of like Mysterioso, topped with a neoprene hood. When it’s really awful – rainy, windy and cold, I’m set for the cold.

Once I get to know this new “undergarment” better, I’d like to pick up a pair of high backed neoprene shorts, for when summer/early fall conditions warm up the water and conditions are benevolent. Our warmest bay temps actually get above 60 during fall, and I’m comfortable swimming in those conditions for 30 minutes or so without any protective clothing.

Your mileage may vary. I’d prefer to opt on the conservative side, but that’s just me.

Nip and tuck
For the wetsuit, not you!

If the gap becomes a problem, you might be able to get the wetsuit altered for a small fee. Here in CO, a company that repairs tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks also repairs/alters wetsuits and drysuits (authorized Gore-tex repair shop). They replaced a zipper in a fuzzy rubber jacket of mine, upgrading it to a much sturdier grade of zipper.

That’s An Idea I Hadn’t Thought Of
Thanks Pikabike!

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Jacket on top
I have a Farmer John 3mm that bunches up around the back of my neck also. The problem stopped when I started wearing a 2mm wetsuit jacket on the outside. Both from NRS.