Farmer John Fit

Just got a Farmer John and was wondering how they should fit. This one is used, so I don’t know exactly what the manufacturer says irt should fit, but most of the wet suit sites I have been to say I need an XL, which is what this one is. It is VERY tight, I have a hard time getting the legs all of the way up (I have fat calves), but can get it on after a little tugging and wiggling. Sould it be that snug, or do I need to go up a size? Will it stretch out a after a little use (it hasn’t been used in a while)? Are there any tricks to putting one on?

Thanks for the help,


Get it wet
Get it on ahd climb into the shower. See how it fits when wet. It can make a difference.


Tighter is better
The tighter the better as long as your extremities aren’t turning purple from lack of circulation. Wet suits are designed to fit tight so that no water flushes thru the suit. So… as long as you are not uncomfortable… tight is good.