Farmer John/relief zipper

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I want to buy a wetsuit with a relief zipper.
The only one I've found is the NSR Ultra John Wetsuit;

It isn't for sale in the Netherlands (Europe)
so I've to order it in the US.

Does anyone own this wetsuit ?
What are the pro's and con's ?
How's the sizing ?

Thanks in advantage,


Freek, I have the Farmer Bill from NRS
I do not need a clumsy and potentially breakable (as well as leaky) zipper… I just unclip the bib top, roll it down, take a pee. Sort of like undoing overalls.

Check out the Farmer Bill for comparison.

The NRS wetsuits run small. If you are on the border of sizing chart, I’d order next size up.


not that one
Both the wife and I have several items from NRS and have found that thier sizing charts are good, what we have ordered has always fit well.

But we do not have that farmer john, but a different farmer john and farmer jane.Plus other items.


Have the Ultra Jane
A slightly older model, so less titanium and all, and a female version so two zips rather than one long one. I find that it is a bit of a squeeze thru the hips when it is if anything a little looser than I’d like in the legs, but that may just be the women’s sizing.

The zippers do take some maintenance - you want to make sure to rinse salt off them and periodically add candle-wax. But you have to rinse the suit tiself anyway. I still have it as a backup and have been pretty happy with it doing what it needs to do. It is a bit warmer than their Farmer Jane, though as with all of these paddling wetsuits you’ll need to add some decent layers to the torso to match what the rest of the suit is accomplishing.

long trips
This summer I want to make a few 5 to 6 hour crossings.

For such long crossings I want to have a relief zipper, so I can use a pee-bottle.

I don’t understand why more and more dry-suits have one, but the most wet-suits have not.

you haven’t figured out yet that your life won’t be complete without a drysuit? :wink:

Seriously, if I didn’t have a medical thing going on that makes the wetsuit less than a great idea for long times in the boat and maybe getting wet while there, the Ultra Jane would spend a lot more time on me than in the bulkhead. Especially summers in Maine.

I own one
I own one. I’m 5’10" and 195 pounds normal build and find the Large feel good all-around, but it does seem a bit short, but I felt the XL was too large, so I went with the smaller one. By the end of the summer, when I’ve lost my winter weight, the fit is really nice. Or does neoprene shirk over the winter?

I’ve found that I don’t like the reinforced knees, because they seem to twist around a bit, but other than that, it’s fine.

The “relief” zipper is actually the main zipper and it’s just long enough to relieve one-self from while sitting in the kayak. I wish that it went down further or all around like the woman’s version.

I also have the mating jacket, which I like as well. It’s worth buying if you need one of those also.

farmer john
I have that wetsuit, and the relief zipper is worth the extra money. you won’t need to deal with removing a dry top or paddling jacket again. just zip it up a little, pee and zip it back down

the sizing on the website is perfect as well

I’ve just ordered size L

I’m 5’9" and 156 lbs

Thanks for the response

I wonder
If any one has inquired at a dive shop( or repair shop) if an existing wet suit could have a zipper installed.I don’t see why not.

I have to admit it would be nice, rather then taking top layer off and pulling down my present farmer john which I am very happy with.

got it
I received it today and it looks good.

Sizing is OK.

relief-zipper is OK, but 2" longer zipper was even better.

Thanx everyone for advise.

Cut a slit in the appropriate area of the wetsuit,then go to a seamstress and have two pieces of heavy duty velcro sewn in for a closure. Ten bucks,ten minutes and problem solved.

Works for me for many years.

I have the Farmer John but not Ultra
Sizing is small. Great wetsuit, no problems. I take good care of mine and its like brand new after a couple of years. Just watch for little holes from price tags. If you can, call them on the tele. Great staff that is knowledgable and will stay on the phone with you until all your questions and concerns are addressed. If you get a price tag pushed through the material, send it back right away.