Farmer John

I am looking for a farmer john wetsuit, for kayaking, with a relief zipper. I have talked to many retailers who all think a relief zipper is a good idea, but so far have not been able to locate such a thing, or find anyone who can point me in the right direction. Has anyone ever seen one or know where I can locate one? Thanks for your help.

NRS “Ultra John/Jane” wetsuits…
…have relief zippers. I have both the “Ultra Jane” and “Little Jane” (shorty, without relief zipper), and I’m very pleased with these NRS wetsuits.


NRS Farmer & Little Johns
I have an NRS Farmer John and Little John. Both are great and have the type of zipper you’re seeking.

NRS Wetsuits
Thanks Melissa,

I went on the NRS website and found a dealer that I can get to. I’ll take a drive and have a look at my first opportunity. Thanks again.

Farmers, meet the new Farmer in town

I own a Farmer Bill, and it’s suspender type attachment is superb for relief. Just undo the shoulder velcro and button (double security) and the thing easily rolls/folds down to your ankles, and you pee or poop, and then pull back up like suspenders.

Caution: all NRS wetsuits run small for size.

Yeah, That Is How I Do It
I never really thought an FJ needed a zipper and it would let in cold water!

DO you all prefer farmer john/jane in neoprene or hydroskin?

My NRS Farmer John is fine in the winter
The zipper doesn’t make it any more colder than one without a zipper.

Our water temperatures are about 52 deg in the winter.

The Grizley Bill I got has the relief zipper.

Actually, I Disagree

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I have a 3 mm NRS FJ with the full zipper and leg zippers. I find there is more flushing going on even with a dry top because the front zip extends below the drytop. On the other hand, I have a Whetstone 2mm bib style which has not zippers and the front scoops down to just about my chest. Paired with a drytop, the Whetstone is warmer because flushthrough is minimal. This my experience from swimming with both. I don't personally don't even wear my NRS FJ anymore and keep it around as a loaner.


PS. Our winter water temp drops into the 30's. 50 and above, I'll use the neo bib and drytop. Below 50, I am in my 4/3 full wetsuit if I am waveskiing. 40 and below, I give up waveskiing and go with a kayak and a drysuit.