Farmer Johns Recommedations

Anyone have any that they would recommend?


Farmer John
I like my NRS Ultra John. Had it for 2 years so far. I’m sure there’ll be other good choices too. Get one with a relief zipper.


NRS Ultra John
Here’s a second for the NRS Ultra John. Mine has the relief zipper and man, is that a nice feature. I also appreciate the extra tough material on the but and knees. It’s just a comfortable and darn tough piece. Have had mine for 6 yrs. Still in great shape, no failures yet.


I agee
NRS makes good stuff. And relief zipper is a must.

NRS Ultra Jane! :slight_smile:
Just thought I’d mix it up a bit. :slight_smile:


The Zipper Is A Serious Compromise
a 3 mm john will feel like 1.5 mm when the water is coming through the zipper in a swim. I have a couple of NRS farmer johns I don’t even use anymore. I have some 2 mm. farmer johns, without zippers, that I think are more effective (strictly summer wear). Ain’t no big deal to yank down the john to relieve oneself. How many times does that happen on a trip? Once or twice?


I started out with a NRS farmer jane but it didn’t fit that good so I needed to replace it. I was too cheap to buy a new one and found some O’neill wetsuits at for less than half the price. I got a full wetsuit and just cut the arms off. The neoprene is much softer, stretchier, and to me more comfortable than NRS. Also having the zipper in the back is much more comfortable in my opinion. The one that I got has a second layer of neoprene under the zipper which does a great job of keeping water out.

O’Neill and Bodyglove

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They both use several different types of neoprene--get the stretchier stuff, not the cheapest version, which is similar to what NRS uses. You can feel the difference in your hands right away; the cheaper stuff feels stiff instead of pliable.

I have a Bodyglove 3/2 full wetsuit that's soft, stretchy, and comfortable...and the wrong size. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that it would stretch more with use. I should have bought it to fit really tight. Now it lets some water in through the neck and wrist openings. Can still use it in warm temps, though.

The above became too hot as summer wore on. Next, I bought a Bodyglove shorty 2mm (only $30 from Sierra Trading Post!) that is made of the less-stretchy neoprene. I bought it to fit tight, and it does not leak at all. But it is so tight in the shoulders I feel like they are being squeezed together. Next spring I'll search for the same brand and size, but in the stretchier, more expensive neoprene. That oughtta do the trick. Real problem is that neither the men's nor women's sizes closest to me fit perfectly. You need to try these things on if at all possible.

I also picked up a 1.5mm O'Neill's vest for only $13, also at Sierra Trading Post (I'm lucky to be in reasonable driving distance from Cheyenne). In summer, it lives in my duffle bag in case I need a 2nd layer on the torso, or in case I forget to bring a wetsuit, which has happened once.

Not sure if my experimentation with sizes and materials matches other people's experience, but at least neoprene wear is reasonably priced or--if gotten on sale--outright cheap.

farmer john
I picked up a used Kokatat farmer john a few months back and love it - very pliable neoprene - it’s almost as comfy as hydroskin to me, but warmer. it’s got the relief zipper which does come in handy, especially after drinking 2L of water in a hard paddle (and the 12oz AFTER a paddle!). Great quality all around.

Very happy w/ my Kokatat (w/ relief zipper)

What Sing Said
Zippers are a weak point, and I never saw a reason for one on a farmer john

NRS Farmer John BUT…
Call them on the phone to get the correct size. I brought mine too small which was my only mistake.