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...... so here we are just a cruisin down the creek with the current flow ... it's really moving fast !!

We're in the Jon boat and it has a 65 lb. on the bow ... nephew says here take this thing . That thing would be the hand held remote control . Sure , I'm an expert at running the Jon backwards down fast (really fast) flowing creeks , white water and all . Better than half the time at full throtle we are "still" going backwards ... grumble , grumble , this gets to be a PITA . Just two seconds of not countering the bow with the remote and she starts a sideways turn ... hey , I love my nephew so being the good Unc that I am , I guide him (backwards) down the fast creek setting him up for perfect cast presentations all along the way .

What's that you say nephew , I'm too far away from shore right now , oh ok ... oh , too close now huh , ok ... how's this , is this how you like it , great , glad to be of service !!

Every once in awhile I can't help but take a chance cast myself , and although my cast lands perfect - I have exactly the following two seconds to work it with both hands on the reel . It's hopeless , the bow swings off to one side immedieately and begins the spin out so I'm forced back onto the hand remote that's around my neck on a lynard .

Here I am with one hand operating the remote (in save the spin out mode) , and the other hand just holding the rod that used to have a perfect cast ... hey , dumb luck could happen , couldn't it ??

After about 45 mins. of this and watching the nephew pluck one 19"-20"er after the other off I'm silently getting somewhat irritated cause I want to catch one now , lol .

Oh I have a great idea ... just let the mother free float and burn down the creek like a bolt of lightning , it will find it's own way somehow .

Yeah , this works great , I can cast my spinner right up to the tree and limb jambed shoreline and take my chances .

So here we are blazing down the creek and zapping cast at shore with spinners ... at least a half dozen big Smallies thought it was a good idea too , only problem was they liked his spinner better than mine ... oh well , it was his day and he caught more Smallie than I did . But what the heck he's got a really nice Uncle who always put him on the fish and gives him 1st shot at the best spots ... besides , it's his boat , I'm just his old broken down Uncle guide , lol ... and he "lets" me go fishin .

.... tales from Unc and the Nephew went a fishin , stay tuned

You need to get a couple feet of heavy
chain and make a drift anchor for that thing… Attach it to the bow, and you will float down the river, bow upstream, and be able to cast at choice spots at your leasure.


12" - 18" of 3/8’s chain will work
Dear pilotwingz,

I agree, you need a drift anchor. If you know an excavating contractor or logger they surely have a few sections of broken binder chain laying around. You can wrap the chain sections in duct tape to make it a little more quiet but I’ve never seen the need for that.

You don’t need much, the object isn’t to anchor hard it’s just to slow the drift. It’s also a good idea to rig the anchor line to your boat with a couple of bungee chords. That eliminates the potential of an abrupt grinding halt to your drifting boat. Sudden stops can be ugly if guys are standing up and fishing, trust me on that.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

thanks but don’t think …

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...... a chain drag is something we'd want to do .

We expect to be back on them this week , will most likely run that fast creek again too , as it's one of the 4 areas we cover when over there .

Me thinks da anchor will get deployed some this time ... we literally let 80 percent of that creek get unfished taking the fast run down ... it's holding big time and we'll cover it much better this next run .

Take turns like the fly guides do
When two fly fishermen are canoeing together, the usual practice is to set a limit and switch off paddling when that limit is reached. Basically, you catch three then take over the controls until I catch three, or something like that. Him catching while you steer the whole way is not something that would get me back out all too soon were I you.

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