Fast Food, healthy for paddlers.

Ever notice that all fast foods, which we all eat at least some of the time, are not equally healthy? They sell those tiny books that list all the fat grams, and calories, of all our favorite drive-up window munchies, and there is a gross difference between the foods. For instance, Burger King has flame grilled burgers as opposed to flat baked in grease types, yet the burgers have the same amount of fat and calories. No better at all. Did you know that adding one slice of cheese to a burger adds literally 10 grams of fat! It helps to know the healthiest food at any particular fast food restaurant so that us health conscious paddlers can at least try to be diet conscious. For instance, we you run for the border at Taco Bell, the chicken soft taco is about the healthiest thing on the menu (if you can get them to keep those creamy sauces off of them). Does anyone else have some ideas for best foods for fast food ordering?

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as long as you order intelligently, subway is just fine for you.

really, though, the bigger issue with fast food places is the huge portions and the vast number of empty calories. if you took in all your calories from fat, but took in only as many calories as you should, you wouldn’t get fat. and tons of people have gotten massively obese eating lots and lots of “low fat” food, in the mistaken belief that low fat is low calorie.


It Ain’t The Fat
The fat isn’t the problem. Problems start when you don’t burn it off.

Yeah, just ask Jared
Our local convenience stores (Sheetz) put up billboards that read: “Nobody’s getting skinny on our subs” with a picture of a great big sub, dripping with cheese, meatballs and sauce.

Does it make a difference?
You are talking about food for paddling, right? Worrying about fat content might be better suited for movie night. Otherwise, bring an apple.

Usually, I’ll have a bagel early in the AM before heading out. I’ll usually play a good 4-5 hours, sometimes a full day (in which case, I’ll have granola bars). Afterwards, more likely than not, I’ll drive through a Wendy’s or MickyD’s and order a burger, fries and a coke and eat on the drive home. Get home and time for a two hour nap. Life is good. :slight_smile:

Aside from those surf paddle excursions, I don’t do fast food. I can’t say I am a lightweight but I not severely overweight either. Last I checked my blood pressure is low end of normal and my cholesterol level was normal.


“best foods”?
“Best foods” for what? Some amount of fat and protein is good for the body! After streneous exercise, we need to replenish our body.

I’m lucky that I don’t have much of an appetite for fat and greasy food UNLESS I’ve exercised. So it’s easy for me to eat what the BODY wants when it wants it. Burger and fries is often what the body crave for after a hard paddle. The rest of the time, I’m sitting in a cubicle and the body (smartly) wants salad!

Cheesburger and fries
After a long hard paddle or race. my body craves grease. Not a fast food burger but a big juicy one with all the fixing. Depending on how far i have to drive maybe a couple of ice cold beers. If not A ice cold Coke.

maybe the day before have a nice grill tuna steak and some rice with Feta cheese.


island bbq- start a club
My old paddling club would go to an island in the st lawrence and we would start a fire and cook. (The eastern and certainly the western part of north america was settled by kayakers moving down the coast). Shish kabobs cooked on metal skewers were my favorite part of these all day adventures that were sometimes camping trips. I like wendys baked potato but old fashioned diners or truck stops are better than fast food. Chinese is the healthiest. I eat at fast food chains maybe 3 or 4 times a year. A cookout at some ones house after you paddle, preferably someone with a pool is a great idea because fast food is the chain that is killing so many americans. We lead the world in cancer rate. We have the highest rate of sugar diabetes. We are the most obese and take the most prescription pills. The solution:

  1. Eat raw veggies such as raw carrots and dark green leafy veggies. Dip veggies in ranch dressing.
  2. Avoid the fast food crap because it will kill you. Tons of grease, salt, chemical preservatives and appetite stimulants are killing more of us than bullets.
  3. Learn to cook American-Chinese healthy. Into the bottom of a hot skillet add one hamburger(frozen is fine). Brown it with onions peppers or just one 16 oz bag of frozen stir fry veggies. I also like a shish kabob party where you make up your own healthy food and splurge on shrimp. Buy ripe pineapples and let them ripen and make a delicious fruit salad served in sundae dishes.

    4.Enjoy hiking and biking and walking with friends. If not many people in your area canoe or kayak then may I please suggest you announce that every tuesday or thursday at 6pm from the local boat launch you will have an easy paddle. I know a lady who did this and it was a great way to meet people and plan longer trips. Our bodies and minds just love the exercise!

Subway people:

Subway is not a fast food and does not uses hardly

any of that oil and grease.