Fast Kayak Woes for the Short Female Paddler: Need Advice

  1. Your stability will improve over time. It’s the trade-off if you want to start increasing speed. Stay on it and it will come to you.
  2. As said above, if you’re a light paddler–you will likely be less stable in a catch-all weight boat.
  3. Despite what you’ve said, I’d definitely recommend a surfski. Unless you have a bombproof roll, the surfski will give you more confidence in daunting conditions. What are your other reasons to stay with a sit inside? If you need a tougher boat–several brands have river layups, club layups and plastic models. If you like to have storage space, many have bulkheads or one can be put in for a reasonable price. For the most part, a ski can do most of what sea kayak can do but will also allow you better use of your legs and whole body when paddling. The ergonomics are set up for speed. Finding a Fast Sea Kayak is kind of like finding a racing RV–they are just not designed for it–with the exception of a few here and there.

Medawgone already chimed in for me. It would not be a fsk rated kayak but for your build the Impex Force 3 would be fast and capable of lots of conditions.

I have that consignment F3 on FB Marketplace.

For the FSK category that length will need to grow by 8”+ at that width to put you in the class but depending on the design it may lose some play potential. All designs have their pros/cons.

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IF3 looks sweat

Very nice boat (Impex 3). I would suggest that anyone buying it should learn to bow rudder if they don’t know how already.