Fast, light fiberglass day tripper kayak for a large paddler?

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So here I am, just after my 60-th BD, having been paddling kayaks for 20 years, and canoes for another 20 before that. My present boat is a fb Lincoln Monhegan, which is over 17 feet long and is a lovely expedition type boat. I love it plenty, but as my most frequent outings now are day trips, I started thinking about getting a light (<40 lbs), fast, fb day tripper. The rub is that I am 5’10” 240 lbs (not all miscle), and so do need some room in the cockpit and at the knees. Does anyone of you good folks have suggestions about and experience with such boats? I would very much appreciate any advice.

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Stellar S14S or S16S.

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Should have said that I am looking for a sit-inside that is ocean-capable. :slight_smile:

Thank you. May be S16 G2? :slight_smile:

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Is there a reason you prefer fiberglass to aramid or an aramid composite? It may be difficult to find sub-40 lbs in glass.

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Thinking ahead about being able to repair the boat myself easily when need be. Fiberglass is pretty easy to fix. I think as long as the bottom of the boat is glass, it should be fine. :slight_smile:

Is aramid easy to fix? Will have to research….

New, used, budget, length?

I think 14-16 is the length target; I prefer used and under $2K, but at the moment it is all about figuring out what options out there may be best.

Have to say that despite my original reaction, it may be that Stellar S16S is a good option. Will have to research it a bit more.


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Understood, thanks for the reply.
There are people on this forum who know way more about kevlar/aramid repair than I. Perhaps they’ll comment.

Stellar S14. $3395 Advantage construction. Finding used at $2k is going to be challenging. I’ve got a yellow decked one that’s seen two uses that can use a home.


TY! I think I would want an S16 G2, if I were to go the Stellar sit-inside route. S16S has become a bit of a front-runner, apart from the fact that I would prefer a North American - made boat.

Unfortunately there do not seem to be any to try near Maine. :frowning:

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I’m delivering Stellars to Falmouth mid-August. I have roof space for two more on the Droprack.

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Some outside the box suggestions from a fellow aging paddler: watch for a used skin on frame (SOF) kayak built for somebody of your proportions. They do turn up and most skin on frames are super light. The skins are very tough, also easily patched and even completely replaceable. I am due to re-skin the 18’ long, 32 pound SOF I have loved and heavily used for 14 years. The boats are not only light, most are built along Greenland lines and quite fast. You can also pay to have one built to your dimensions. There are quite a few builders around the country. Kit built wooden kayaks (strip built or stitch and glue) also tend to be much lighter than plastic or glass boats and are quite strong and able to be patched. I often see used ones of those around and the kit makers have many models scaled for different sized paddlers. Check out Guillemot Kayaks for some examples of their models and kits. Also a link to one of the skin on frame custom builders:

There is (or was, not sure if they are still in business) and skin boat building outfit in western Massachusetts.

You can also buy a 15’ , 31 pound Quest 150 folding skin on frame touring kayak from PakBoat in New Hampshire for $1,795 which they can ship to you. I have the smaller version (the Quest 135) and it’s a terrific boat as well. You can leave it set up for the season. The tough PVC hull bounces off most obstacles and even if you suffer a ding it can be rapidly repaired with a patch kit. In 20 plus years of paddling folding kayaks I have never had a hull rupture. The Quest 150 is very adjustable for different sized people and can be paddled with or without the optional deck. Since they are not all that far from you, you could contact them and see if you could do a test paddle – they used to offer them near the shop.

Here’s my skin on frame, with a comfortably sized coaming (rather than the more traditional small “ocean cockpit”). It has wonderful glide and is effortless to get it moving and keep it going, also terrific in rough water and wind. I’ve owned at least a dozen kayaks over the years but this has been a favorite and now that I am turning 73 in a few weeks, it’s great to have boats I can still easily lift onto the rack or carry myself to the launch. I have a canoe the same weight and 3 folding SOF kayaks from 12’ to 13’ 6" that are even lighter.


Ooh, nice. Which shop in Falmouth?

TY. I will keep these in mind!

Im delivering to a client and visiting friends.

See you on the water,
Marshall Seddon
The River Connection, Inc.
9 W. Market St.
Hyde Park, NY. 12538
845-229-0595 main
845-242-4731 mobile
Main: []
Store: []
Facebook: [The River Connection, Inc.]

There is one in the classifieds here about 50 miles from me and I can’t get him to respond to my inquiriy

Got it! Thank you! I will probably be in touch once I decide for sure. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip! I will explore.


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I have the Swift Adirondack 12 it’s a Carbon Composite Kayak it weighs in at 24 Lbs. I’m just shy of 6 foot and weight 230 Lbs.

I’m 73 years old and this light weight kayak is just perfect for me to get it up and down on my “J” rack on top of my Jeep.

I purchased it at Rutabaga in Madison Wisconsin back in 2021.

It’s my third kayak and I’d have to say the best purchase yet. I usually do local lakes and rivers in my area here in the Chicago land suburbs.

I would definitely recommend it for you.

Safe paddling,