Fast passage kayaks?

saw it on ebay… nothing on the site…hmmmmmm


Only this.
Skagit County, WA Economic Development Assoc.

Fast Passage Company

Fast Passage Company, starting operation in 2005 in Anacortes, performs custom tooling, mold construction and manufacturing for the marine industry, principally kayaks. Fast Passage Company employs 26 workers and is looking into additional areas of production for 2006.

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Fast Passage
Fast passage is a small company located in Anacortes, Washington. It was started in 2005 by Marty Bridenstine (who built fiberglass yachts for over 25 years). When we started Fast Passage, we built composite kayaks for a larger manufacturer (over 700 of them). We sensed a need for a small American builder who could build high quality boats and be responsive to the paddlers’ needs. All of our kayaks are built using vacuum resin infusion and vinyl ester resin from molds we build. Our first model is the Vapor 156. It is designed so that the smaller paddler (many women) can be comfortable and paddle efficiently while larger paddlers (under 225 lb and 6’ tall) have a great play boat. At the west coast symposium, paddlers of all levels and sizes loved the boat. We have more models in development at this time. Custom colors, etc are encouraged. Demo boats available at the shop in Anacortes.