Fast sit on top?

I’m looking for a fast and light sit on top that’s reasonably stable. Will be using mostly for flatwater but some larger rivers. Heard that the RTM Disco, Bic Scapa, and RTM Tempo are options - am I missing any?

Define “reasonably stable” -:wink:
For the flat water use, some of the stable surf skis may be an option to consider. Such as the Epic V8 and the like. These are still tippy compared to medium stability sea kayaks, which in turn feel tippy compared to recreatinoal sit-in kayaks and most heavy-weight recreational sit on tops…

Like the Epic V8 idea
I also like my Tarpon 160 but it is not light. Actually none of the boats you listed are very light.

Maybe the fastest SOT besides the V8 is the Cobra Expedition. It is both lighter and faster than my Tarpon 160 but you need to be able to power a faster boat to get it up to speed.

I had a Scapa for a while - it seemed pretty fast, but I don’t have any other SOT experience to compare it to. It felt heavy at 52 lbs, and impossible to carry easily with no cockpit rim to put on your shoulder. It was quite stable, and nicely put together, but had a lot of hull above the waterline to get blown around by the wind.

A few come to mind

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The PaddleYak Swift Hybrid

The Swift has a sit-on seat with self-draining scuppers.
With low freeboard and a low-slung stern, re-entry is easy.
Made for fast stable touring with two medium-sized hatches,
adjustable footrests and a flip-up rudder from PaddleYak.
Also available in Carbon-fibre and Kevlar at an additional cost.

Length : 17.2 ft
Width: 23.2 inch
Weight:46 lbs
Material: Fiberglass

Hydra Adventurer Sit on Top Kayak
A long waterline make it a quick sit on top kayak
and a low deckline reduces any crosswind effects.
Hydra uses a one-way scupper valve (a thin rubber valve)
that only lets water out of the boat, no drain plugs needed.

Length: 15’ 7"
Width: 24"
Weight: 50 lbs
Material: rotomolded polyethylene

Marlin take a look at this yak. I have one and it very fast. Keeps up with the sea kayaks. There is one dealer in the USA called Venture Sport and he’s in Fla. FishHawk

Futura II
I’d try a Futura II. It’s fairly light, and it’s way more stable than even a Mako XT. Plus it has a kickup rudder for rivers and such.

Thanks everyone I’ll check out all these models!

folder option

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Fast, light (45 lbs). ultra comfortable (though very pricey) sit-on-top, but also wonderfully portable if you ever want to take your boat along with you anywhere in the world: the Feathercraft Jetstream.

Outriggers are hugely popular in hawaii. Not sure why they not paddled with a kayak paddle. Futura is a good brand but used skiis sometimes leak. Finding the leak might take soapy water as you inflate the inside.

very cool
thanks that’s a very cool looking boat!

Looks like a Skua
Just won the Watertribe Ultra marathon in Florida. Odd but it appears that a Sit on top and a 14 foot homebuilt boat beat out three Epic 18’s.

afer reading the book "Without a Paddle"
I think the Watertribe events are 75% mental ,20 % paddler, and 5% boat.

I agree on the longer events
But the event I was talking about was the ultra marathon of only 68 miles. So there is much less time.

The Water tribe Races in North Carolina are about 50 and 100 miles. Just this difference of 50 miles makes it a much different race.

In the shorter races I do believe boat speed makes a big difference.

What you really want is a Kaskazi Skua -fairly stable, fast, and light for its size. It’s a handsome, ruddered glass boat, and is comparable to SINKs (Sit-INside Kayaks) of similar size in speed, and a WHOLE lot faster than almost any other non-ski SOT.

But a Skua’s pretty hard to come by, so it’s probably not going to be the one you choose to


-Frank in Miami

fast sit on top= surfski
You’ve got to try a surfski! There’s quite a few ski paddlers in your state to hook up with and give it a go. I haven’t seen an Epic V8 yet but the specs look great, and you can’t go wrong with a used Fenn Mako XT or Think Evo. There’s a little bit of a learning curve, but the process is FUN. Flatwater speed is great, but surfing boat wakes, wind waves etc is where the fun is. I paddle mine 4 times a week when the water isn’t frozen, and I can say that each outing is exciting, fun, and challenging - I still can’t get enough even though I’ve been paddling for years. Paddling a ski is VERY addicting. Good luck - Jeff

fast sit-on-top

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I own a 12-foot Native Manta Ray and a 14-foot Heritage Redfish. I would not consider either as fast. A good friend bought his wife a 14-foot Hurricane Phoenix. I've paddled it, and it is relatively light AND fast.

Current Designs Altura
if you can find one, that is. They are no longer made as of 2008, but a couple of dealers still have them around.

But…heavy: 55 pounds. 15’ long, 31" beam. VERY stable, but also ver fast due to its length and the hybrid kevlar construction.

I think it was meant to be an entry into the kayak fishing market, but it was expensive due to the kevlar (I think I paid about $1500) and there were cheaper options that were as good or better for fishing, even if not quite as fast.

The other downside is that they’re not as rugged as a plastic boat, so be wary of rocks.

Phoenix vs Altura
I have both a Current Designs Altura and a Hurricane Phoenix 140, and the the Phoenix definitely feels faster. Both are quite stable.

I also have an Epic V10, and while definitely faster than either of these two, stability is not one of its virtues.

Good luck…

The Disco is a relatively fast for 14’, but I have to stay under 190# or it gets too fulll of water