Fast Tourers - one less on the market

(from their website):

Don’t know the reason, but NDK doesn’t seem like a place to get a fast tourer.
Now, if they’d go with an extra light carbon layup, having a Romany at 30pounds(US), well, then I’d go for one (I promise not to (intentionally) take it into heavy surf).

A ‘partial’ (my) list of the Fast Touring Kayaks

Rockpool Taran
Epic 18X
Seda Glider 19
Stellar 18
Tiderace Pace 18
NDK Quantum (NO MORE)
P&H Valkyrie
Valley Rapier 20
Zegul Searocket
EK Audax (Aus)
West Side - Extra Fast Tourer (EFT)
Bjorn Thomasson - Panthera
CLC - Pax 18

Current Designs Nomad / Extreme

Saw one all CF hull and seat.

Google Photos

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They need a copy editor.

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