Fast wood builds

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Stitch and glue is much faster than a stripper.

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Either way, there is no such thing as a fast wood build.

Though the boat is long and skinny I would not call it a high performance boat. The cockpit is too far back to counteract the bow wave, the bow is going to pearl, it needs some flotation above the water line.

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Meant speed it looks like it will be fast hull.

Guess it depends to type of be water he’ll be using it in.

…and skin on frame is faster than either. :wink:

Wow, never seen any racing nice.

And walking into the local big box store is fastest yet.

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wood builds that are fast is different

The guys who build plywood pirogues (and years ago there was a guy on the board who did) seem to be able to crank them out pretty fast. They certainly went together faster than strip, stitch n’ glue, or skin/frame boats. There was a coast guard guy, Arlan, who took one on a couple of the Wisconsin River Pnet trips who made and used one.

But I wouldn’t consider them to be fast boats…

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Speaking of fast builds… One of the late day group events at past QajaqUSA Michigan Training Camps was the 90 minute team boat build. Each team got bundles of 8’ pine 1.5 x 1.5s, many rolls of duct tape, a roll of stretch wrap (the kind they bind palletized stuff with at Home Depot) and a small child’s hula hoop (for a coaming) and had to design and build a Greenland style qajaq within the time frame.

The following day these were used in a race out past the longest dock and back by a designated paddler from each team, with points added for successfully rolling the boat. After the prizes were awarded, the boats were carried over the hill to the Lake Michigan beach and burned in a bonfire on the last night of camp.


Either building those or watching others work in the chaos was great fun.

Also some harpoon throwing as well:

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Built stitch and glue units, one from East Coast, one from West, they were good stable, comfortable boats , the 17 could win local races. I thought they were fast enough.

This is about the boat characteristics not the speed of construction. The boat has some of the same design as Nick Shade’s new design. Think wave skis.

If you really want to talk fast wood strippers you need to get Mark Nye in the discussion.

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Interesting. I hadn’t looked at the video until now. It’s well done. I’ve puttered around with Kayak Foundry but never built anything from it. The stripper I built for my daughter was a Cape Ann Storm LT design by Vaclav Stejskal.

Not a quick build. About 11 month from cutting forms to third coat of varnish.