Faster boat - 9.5 Swifty vs OT Guide 147

Given a 1.2 mile race on a small, flat lake on a calm day, which would you chose to paddle in a contest: Perception Swifty kayak (9-1/2’) or an Old Town Guide 147 canoe (14’-7")?

There’s a local tri this afternoon and those are my only options. Thanks!

Old Town Guide
just paddle it “sit and switch”.

Don’t screw around with a “J” stroke

Jack L

I’d be tempted to try the Guide with a double-bladed paddle if my single-blade skills weren’t great.

definitely the Guide
We’ve got a 147 too (as well as kayaks) and can even keep up with each other when one of us is in an equal length (15’) touring kayak. We always blow past the folks in rec kayaks when we use the canoe, either solo or tandem.

Unless it is super windy, you’ll do better in the canoe, I think. Double paddling is a good suggestion if you can find a paddle over 240 cm.

thanks for the suggestions! glad I took the canoe :slight_smile: