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I have been doing a lot of kayak trips lately and i am getting tired of trying to keep up with touring kayaks on my tarpon 140 witch is great for abalone diving and spearfishing.But on these all day and overnite paddles it is to slow.A friend and outfitter has a nigel foster legend she will sell me.I am looking for some feedback on this boat.Is It just fast or real fast would it be right for me @ 5FT 10 2oolbs working on 190.Any info about this boat would be great.


Foster Legend

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The Nigel Foster Legend is one of the two fastest British style sea kayaks Sea Kayaker Magazine has ever tested. (The other is the Azul Sultan wich is very similar)

Providing you have decent forward stroke, you should have no trouble keeping up with any reasonable pod in such a boat.

You are the right size for the boat as well.

Have you paddled the boat? Foster boats tend to be somewhat more tender than many other boats, though at your weight the Legend should be fine.

If it is one made by Seaward, you have a very good boat. If made by one of the others who have made Foster boats, you need to inspect it carefully.

foster boats are thought to be “tender” more because they like to lean slightly on their edge when at rest…Like a horse with it’s one hind foot at rest and it’s hip locked…if you just allow it to lean slightly when at rest it will be well behaved. The testing done by sea kayaker has left out several fast boats, but that asside, the Legend for its size has good speed. Try it out, foster boats don’t satisfy everyone, but the people that love them Really love them

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good description fadedred
After the Tarpon the Legend will probably feel very tender - most any sea kayak would. As fadedred noted, simply allow the boat to find its stability points and you will be fine.

It has been a couple of years since I paddled a Legend, but I recall it likes a good lean in order to turn. This is true of many boats, especially the ones with less rocker.

Foster boats have their own personality. As noted, those that like them, tend to love them.

As noted above, the Legend demonstrates a degree of ‘nervousness’ in initial stability. This will be most apparent on flat water-throw in a little time in the boat and a bit of textured surface, and you’ll notice it only in the positive sense that it will take very little input to rock from chine to chine. It has a decent turn of speed, holds quite a bit of gear, and whichever builder’s you get, the Walden model or the Seaward built, will be very strong well crafted. It’s not in the same league speed-wise as an Epic or QCC, but will run away and hide from your Tarpon. The biggest criticisms of this boat are that the hard chines feel a bit ‘grabby’ in surfing conditions (although the secondary is rock solid) for those used to softer chine handling, and the rear deck is on the high side compared to say, an Explorer, for layback rolls. Great boat.

Current Designs has a full line along…
with necky, P$H and even wilderness systems(maker of the boat that you have). These are good options in both composite and plastic so it would be good to put them on your list of boats to look at. Check out the Current Designs Sirocco, Gulfstream, and the solstice series and Necky’s chatham series(3 sizes) and P$H’s capella. This will get you looking in the right direction. Oh and the Wilderness Systems Tempest series is the other one. Try them before you buy them and have fun.


those don’t come close to the Legend…
in regards to speed. The Legend is by far one of the fastest sea kayaks I have had the pleasure of paddling. Yes it is a little unstable initially but it really flies on the water. Even though the boat was far too large for me (I’m 5’8", 145lbs), I was really impressed with the way it paddled and handled. If you’re looking for a fast and versatile boat, you can’t go wrong with a Legend. bradford, try it out and if you like it and can get a good deal on it, go for it!

garcreek, do you ever get tired of trying to sell your products on this board? Buy some advertisement space from Brent and stop commercializing normal discussions. The original poster asks specifically for feedback on the Legend especially regarding speed and you recommend those CD boats and the Chathams (all slower boats) and state that “will get you looking in the right direction?” How is that answering the question or helpful in anyway?

bradford — I bet from a Tarpon 140

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guy, all these suggestions sound really "up there", meaning you have learned all about chines, initial stability, and such. I am like you, wanted a fast boat and I settled on a Prijon Barracuda (listed as the fastest polyethelene kayak), it has same twitchiness as others describe here for the tender Foster Legend (which he paddles extensively in his 6 part video series if you wish to see it in action get any video). Anyhow, I suggest to you that your exeprience might be like mine... going from a stable shorter boat to a less stable longer faster boat. Get ready for the learning curve. I have purchased a new paddle better for bracing, a wetsuit, a dry suit, and videos (all 6 Nigel for instance), and plan to learn all forms of bracing and rolling this spring and summer. If that is your intention too, join the party, get the Legend and have fun. If your goal however, and this is what your post implies, is to keep up with a mixed group of rec paddlers, then don;t know that you must jump from Tarpon 14 to a high end (albeit used) composite sea kayak...plenty in between. Wondering what the speedier ones in your group paddled, for instance.

Now, if you could just give me the phone number of that guy selling the Legend wicked cheap, I have a call to make. (kidding)

Learning curve is half the fun
I went from a Tarpon 160 to a QCC700. Felt a bit spirited first 2-3 months - then settled down - now a barge. I tried a Legend while SINK shopping - definitely tender and quirky (I might have said “possessed” that day! Like to try one again and compare now that I’m used to a 21" SINK and rolling).

Only dumped my 700 once unplanned early in the get acquainted period (3rd paddle in it actually) - in 2-3ft beam of the beach after already doing 15 miles (I know - once means I’m not having enough fun!). Couldn’t roll yet - so it proved a great chance to try paddle float rescue in less than ideal (but not bad) conditions.

I am rolling now of course - really one of the reasons I got a skinnier SINK was to learn to roll, brace, etc. No big deal (in my warm waters anyway), just more fun.

Be careful though - speedier hulls can make you weaker. I was stronger when I pushed that T160 around.

if you’re not kidding…
James Song has listed his Legend for sale on the QajaqUSA board for a steal! If it were the Sillouette or Rumour I’d be more tempted due to my size but still…

Thank you all for the great input.Very helpfull.One thing i noticed in all the statements.Decent turn of speed.Should keep up with most pods etc…And trilobite02 you say it is fast but not in the same leage has an epic or QCC .I looked at the info on hte Qcc700.Could not find anything on a epic.The QCC700 looks sweet.What my concern is if for instance the QCC700 is faster and also less tippy or twichy.( I do understand that a long narrow fast boat will be tippy)I would like that better Does any body know which is more stable and faster than the legend? Epic,QCC,or someother boat maybe.Not trying to be a pain just want the most info i can get.I probably will buy the legend has i think the price will be to good to pass up.But after If the Qcc700 is faster and more stable and from what i have read there customer sevice is awsome.where can i read about epics they are not on paddlenet product reveiw or the buyers guide.I will devinitly want to pay more and get the right boat.Good deal or not!

QCC 700 much more stable
When I transitioned to a narrower SINK from my Tarpon I was only looking at long fast kayaks around 21" beam and near 18’ (some longer).

Of the dozen or so I tried - all were a big leap - but some were much friendlier than others. The Foster Legend was not among those! Dimensions same as my 700 - feel is VERY different. Can’t go by the specs.

The 700 and the EPIC 18 were both much more confidence inspiring - more intuitive to paddle - and also faster. Both also have very good secondary stability. The QCC is particularly smooth in it’s transitions and has no surprises, sticking points, or sudden changes. Edges nicely and rolls quite easily.

Anyway, enough about the 700. Point is, when I was in your shoes - and tried the Legend - I wanted out of it pretty quick. I attributed that to my skill level, but I did not have that feeling in most others of similar size.

There is a definite difference in “personality”. Foster boats are nice - but REALLY need to be test paddled - whereas I’d tell people to take a shot with QCC 700 (since they’ll take it back anyway).

Now that I’ve been paddling my 700 a while - I’d be curious to revisit the Legend - and in some wave/chop where it belongs - to give it a more fair assessment.

Hi Bradford
I think you are doing the right thing in getting some research done on various boats you want to paddle. I am biased as I paddle a QCC and I love it.

You should consider other aspects of you potential kayak than just speed. This holds doubliy true if you are going to use your kayak for more than just racing. I paddle solo and in groups. I know that I am seeing things from the other perspective but it has been my experience that most sea kayaks in the 15+ foot range have no trouble keeping up my, (or other), QCC’s when paddling for fun. There are many boats that will allow you to keep up with the pod easily.

You should consider the kayak’s ability to do what you want it to do. Will you need storage for extended trips? Are you going to want to learn to roll and if so will the boat help you? What is the overall construction like? How eaxy is the boat to turn, air you paddles going straight for long streaches, then how well does the kayak track? Are your paddles windy and curvy, you may want a boat with more rocker and maybe even shorter. Lots of questions which relate to how you are going to use your new addition.

All that said, I was extremly lucky. I bought my QCC site unseen, with very little experience, (yep dumb), and I am very happy with my purchase. The boat does everything I have wanted it to do.

Happy Paddling,


Bradford-I think you are too worried about speed. Try some of the kayaks people have mentioned here but look for something that puts a smile on your face-not necessarily the one that paddles the fastest or sells for the ‘best’ price.


Test Paddle!!!
Most important is to test paddle the Legend before you make a decision. If it is a boat you feel you can grow into, and it’s at a very good price, then buy it.

There is always a market for Foster boats. If you get a good deal on buying it, you can likely resell it without much loss. In the meantime you have a fast expediton length touring boat you can use for camping and keeping up with friends.

Demo your friend’s boats. I think it is always good to spend some time in different boats. You can make better decisions the more experience you have.