Faster light sea yak rec's?

Looking for recs for a shorter (16’ or less) sea yak that is pretty fast, light (40 or less pounds) and easy to roll.

Price is not a deciding factor.

Thank you.

don’t know about weights
Have you seen the chattam 16 or the short tempests. You would need a special lay up. For the qcc folks the 600 would be nice. At that weight you are not talking an expedition tough boat unless you go wooden and glass even then it’s tough to bring it in that low. Can you hack a skin on frame?

I have a solander made by westside (no longer available in that make), a lovely boatwhich is under 40 but not easy for me to roll (compared to the romany explorer).

Looking forward to seeing others recommendations.

P&H offers all of their kayaks in a Pre-Preg layup they come in at around 35lbs. I mention these because you said money is no object, they cost around $5,700, but WOW, are they nice.