Fastest 12 foot kayak

Greetings- I am planning on doing the Toms River Downriver race next year in the 12’ and under division. I ran the course this past Friday and it looks like an awesome race!

I did it in a 9’ sot and while the speed sucked the handling was good for the tight turns.

I would love to build a fast 12footer that could handle the turns but still move in the flat sections.

Experience wise, I paddle both a v10 (open water)and a cleaver( on flat water) so a tippy 12’ boat won’t present any issues.

I have the space to built a boat as well- searching the internets haasnt shown any plans for a “fast” 12 footer…

If someone can come up with a production 12’ boat that has the speed potential over other boats please chime in. I am open to all suggestions. I also has access to tools to build strip plank/ stitch & glue etc…

As an aside- a plastic 9’ sot doesn’t paddle half bad with a wing paddle! I padded up the seat high enough to get a reasonable stroke going!

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Depends on your size…
when we race here, the ladies who fit in a Tsunami 120SP blaze by everyone else. The 13’ Wilderness Systems Piccalo is fast also.

Epic GPX
is almost 13’ but I have paddled it and it seemed fast for a short boat, probably faster than any other rec boat though you’d need a GPS to verify speed. The GPX is relatively narrow forward of the cockpit making for much more efficient high-angle paddling.

Fast Acceleration - Kayak Polo

Depending on the water conditions, perhaps a

no frills, bare bones, lightweight kayak like

the ones used for kayak polo may work well

This is a 12 foot and under class- so it’s gotta be so…

I am 6’ and 185 when training- if that helps

If the Gv’t can call pizza a veggie
you should be able to call 16 feet a 12 footer.

Not a common market point
Not much need for 12 foot racing kayaks.

How about stretching a kidarka a couple inches.

Otherwise, get a copy of Kayak Foundry and start designing.

Warren Lightcraft 12’
Little Wing 12.5 Has to be the fastest 12’. No doubt. Not cheap. But my ex-g/f has the 14’ and it rocks. Love the thing. Beautiful, fast, and ultra-light. The 12’ weighs only 22 lbs.

Bill Guiffre

Charlotte, NC

formerly Mt. Pleasant, SC but still paddle in Charleston a lot.

Epic 16x

WS Tempest 170

Dagger Alchemy(s) courtesy of Subaru of America

Little Wing 12.5
Is everything that Bill says, but it is 12 ft, 6 in long, which would not qualify it for the 12 ft class. I know; I own one.

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