Fastest 14'-16' Kayak ?

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Follow-up to my previous question....which kayak is your favorite for speed ?

low rocker, long water line
I’d look for something with low rocker and a long water line, and relatively narrow.

The Valley Gemini RM has surprised me in how fast it is, as it was supposedly based on the SP (sports play) composite version. Makes me wonder if the Gemini ST (the Sports Tour, or faster, version) would be even faster.

If there is a 16’ surf ski, I’d venture that would be even faster.

Epic 16X for me.
Also the Epic Touring Cruiser 16 and Eddyline Fathom LV are similar range.

The Epic V6 is pretty quick & efficient for an SOT - reportedly the same hull as the 16X.

The Fathom
at 2.7K$, it’s cheaper than the Epic, but still very expensive!

That Gemini ST…
looks like a fine boat. It’s 3K$ however…

If you want fast
You will have to pay a good penny, unless of course, you buy used.

The Wild Water boats

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and the like: Pyranha Speeder and Cobra Viper and Cobra Eliminator, Prijon Barracuda - all fast plastic kayaks. The Epics were already mentioned.

And I'm sure someone will inevitably mention that the paddler makes more of a difference, and that kayak X is faster when it gets rough, and that unquestionably the QCC10x is definitely the one for a smaller paddler, and that the Falcon F1 could not be beat, others will call the bull for what it is, etc. ;)

I’ll sell you my Fathom LV for $1500.


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With a plumb bow. Put equal paddlers in one and in a boat of the same length that has a swept bow, and the 10X will win every time

Jack L

If you like the looks of the Gemini then the North Shore Atlantic LV would likely be a candidate. For my height & weight it’s faster than the Gemini.

My demo could go find a home. New it’s $3600, so no, it’s not going to be under your $2k threshold from your other post.

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this one:

I wanna see how long you get by in
your fastest, lightest touring kayak. Won’t last long.

KayakPro Namu
Light. Reasonable price point. Another designer that embraces efficiency.

What do you expect for the fastest …
… lightest boat …it’s also going to be the most expensive and least forgiving.

Get some experience in some used boats then shop around using your own judgement. For going fast it’s the motor not the boat.

good one

EZ, what’s that mean?

It means careful what you wish for.
You may get it.

And no, I’m not convinced the OP is a serious candidate for what he asks for. Look at the lack of personal context.

I have a One Ocean Cirrus LT
and I have no problem keeping up with 18’ touring kayaks.

Mayben the Stellar 14 or 14 LV?

I forgot about Stellar!