Fastest Fiber two person? one person?

Just to set the tune of this string:

  1. Looking for fiberglass boats only
  2. Looking for one or two person boats
  3. It must be a BOAT… Capable of holding a TON of stuff – expedition level boats.

    Thoughts on the fastest fiberglass two person and one person expedition boats? Especially in winds and waves.

    It became very clear to me this year that all boats are not created equal. I used to be of the assumption that for the most part boats of similar sizes were going to be about the same speed, and the paddlers would define most of the speed difference.

    but i can let you know that the NW Seascape 3 is definitely .5-1 mph slower than the nootka necky. Furthermore the later performs much better in surf and waves, and wind.


meet your new boat!
hands down winner based on your criteria.

Seaward Passat g3

QCC-700 - hands down !


Another Vote for a Double
Seda Tango

Have beat this drum before…Big water, big cargo capacity are what this boat does well. Raced my well-used Tango in the Mayor’s Cup last weekend for the third time. Although the race was cancelled when we reached the halfway point, we made it there before the police boats had the chance to set up their gauntlet, having started in the first wave.

3’-5’ waves abounded all the way up the Hudson. My partner and I had the BEST time, whooping and hollering into the wind and launching off the tops of the steep, often breaking, waves. We were never in any danger of capsize in the big double; she performed famously as she has so many times before.

The cargo capacity is huge, with three watertight compartments. I ended up on a whim throwing dry clothes in just because I could, which turned out to be a lucky decision as we waited around for the pickup rides for many hours in the wind.

To see her in action last week, go to:

There are quite a few boats out there to fit your criteria. For a double though, the two I’d look at are the Tango and the Passat, as JBV already recommended. Hands down faster than just about anything out there in big water.

Great topic.
I might end up buying a tandem and have wondered the same (speed) thing.

If you are thinking of
getting a tandem sea kayak and paddling it solo, because you think it will be faster then a solo, I strongly advise that you do some demoeing, first.

Sure it will carry a lot of gear, but the guy in the solo will be to the destination a long time before you will.



No, for 2 people.
I’ve got a couple of people who I’d like to take paddling who would much prefer to be in a tandem. So, I’ve been kicking around what a good tandem would be.

For a fast solo, I’d like to find a surf-ski (or something) made for a fat guy.

I would not be paddling the double by myself. I am just unsure of my present paddling situation in that regard. i.g. one or two people going… in my boat.