Fastest Royalex Solo Canoes?

What are the fastest royalex solo canoes, both flat water and river runners?

I have a Mad River Slipper in Carbonlite 2000 that’s pretty quick and maneuverable enough for somewhat twisty rivers. I also have a Sawyer Summersong in goldenglass that is quicker and tracks harder, but I was wondering if there are any royalex solo canoes that somewhat similar speed and handling as the Summersong. Just curious, because I’d like an even faster river boat that I don’t mind bouncing of the occasional rock or scooting across rocky bottoms or slipping over submerged logs. I’m a little reluctant to take the goldenglass Summersong down our often-bony rivers in central IL.



Dagger Sojourn would be closest to
what you seek, but is not made anymore. The Summersong is really not a boat for creeks and shallow rivers. Maybe you could get a Tuffweave Wenonah Rendezvous.

Looks like I’ll just keep using the
Slipper for rivers and the Summersong for lakes. The Slipper is also a pretty decent lake boat. I’ll just try to stay off the rivers when the water is so low I’ll be scraping the bottom alot.