Fat boy PFD

Hey just getting into kayak fishing and wondering if anyone has any info on a fishing life vest for a 300# man?

Mustang Deluxe Inflatable PFD (Manual Activation)

Model #MD3085. Available in Blue, Red and Camo.

Lightweight, breathable AND best of all … 35# of flotation when activated.

Not being smart, but
you have built in floatation more than most folks, so the amount of floatation in a vest may not be as critical for you as for someone who has little body fat. Find something that is functional and comfortable in an XXL or so. Try before you buy if you have a local kayak shop.


Any Type III will be fine. Find one that is comfortable and that you will wear. I’m 240#, and an adult XL fits me fine with lots of room to spare. I’d bet you’d be able to fit it too.

You can also look online at www.nrsweb.com. They have a good selection of paddling PFDs as well as a fit chart that will be helpful for you.

I am not a fan of inflatable PFDs. I’d rather it be “on” all the time and ready to float you in an emergency without any intervention. Others disagree.

  • Big D

…I just recently got into Kayaking. 325#. Stohlquist Fisherman Vest in the Universal size fit perfectly. Even has room to spare.

I’m like Big D
I prefer mine be ‘on’ at all times. The extra padding serves as a ‘flak-jacket’ when you end up out of your ride and the river decides to play pinball with you in a rapid.

Plus, as the water gets chillier…it provides some extra warmth.

Sit on or on type? Why
I see the stohlquist fisherman, the text says “Ready and loaded, this new fish hunting vest is the ideal PFD for the sit-on-top paddler”

Do this make it not good for a sit in paddler and what would the difference be.

A lot of SOTs have high
seat backs and if you have a PFD that has a thick back it can be annoying, so my guess is that it has a thin back and may be cut a little higher as well.


I was just curious, I paddle a loon, so the back is pretty high, at least compared to a seat band in a touring kayak.

I’ll have to find a store with one in stock and try it on.