Fat man kayak?

I’m a beginner to intermediate paddler. What I mean is that like 7 years ago I used to paddle all the time and got good at it, but have since packed on the lbs and now am not sure if I can find a kayak that’ll fit my needs. I’m 5’9" and weighing about 230 lbs. Other than having a bunch of fat, my cardio and muscular shape are good. I’m looking to get back into paddling, but am wondering about a kayak that would fit me well, looking for something to do class 2-4 and the style of a modern creeker. Any ideas?

You need a creek boat
or a river runner that creeks, if you want something to do class 2-4 with the style of a creekboat.

A Dagger Mamba 8.5 or the new 8.6, Jackson Super Hero, Wavesport Diesel 80, Liquid Logid Remix 79, Pyranha Burn Large or each firms equivalent sized creekboat, would be the ones I’d recommend.

If you figure to lose more than 35-40 pounds, you might be able or need to go to the next lower size, but these are the ones I’d recommend you consider.

I’d get the XP-10
But there are a lot of choices for paddlers your size. I have a few choices listed on my page here:


I’m about the same… but with 20 pounds on you. I just got a old town loon 120 and its perfect… Works great. Look me up on face book There is a photo there.


When I was 296 I paddled a Perception
America. It was 13.5 feet long and the cockpit was huge. It was a lot of fun, not too heavy, stable, Ok to turn and manuver. It was even a nice color. You can find a used one for a few hundred dollars.

Loon and America not for whitewater
The original message mentioned class 2 to 4 whitewater. Class 3 and 4 whitewater require a combat roll and I don’t think those boats are good rolling boats that are whitewater ready.

Another alternative is a whitewater ready sit on top like a Dagger Torrent. It is not as versitile as the XP-10 but it will handle 250 pounds and is whitewater capable.

Another choice might be a whitewater inflatable kayak like the ones sold by NRS.

has what you need – take a look at their new Stomper 90, as well as the Jefe Grande and Remix XP10.

What this guy said
All great boats for a larger paddler. With your heigh i might actually see if you can find an Remix xp9 to sit in and see if its comfy, if not go with the 10

Yep, Your’re right. I had it in
Class III and the America started to buckle. It was a little scary because the water was raging and I had no idea what i was going to do if the boat collapsed or broke in two. I was only half way through, rocks everywhere and the shoreline was under water. (Skinners Falls if you know the place) I have a Prijon now.