Fathom LV - 1st launch

Got to take out my new/used Fathom LV yesterday. A beautiful day with minor breezes. Took her out on Great Bay, near Portsmouth, NH.
It tracked great and handled well. Faster than my Acadia tub. With no wind or currents to speak of, I didn’t have to test the keg though.
Here are a few pics …

ready to go …

Just got back …

packed for home …

That is a fantastic boat. Several of my friends paddle them and regularly camp for a week out of them.

I have a Fathom (not LV) and it is the perfect kayak for me. Stable, fast enough, easy to roll, good tracking and maneuverable. Also - looks good and is a good weight for a kayak in that price range. You’ll love the Fathom LV.


Glad you’re enjoying your LV, @albireo13. It’s a delightful kayak. Does yours have the Infinity seat pad with the thigh supports?

That’s what I miss most on my latest kayak - the seat comfort of my Fathom LV. After about 2.5 hours my butt get sore. Am considering ordering that seat pad from Eddyline to install in my CD boat.

No, I don’t think it has that seat. I had it out for 2.5 hrs and by butt was fine. I had some scraping of my lower back. I think I need to readjust the back support.
Also, I made the mistake of going barefoot in the boat. The foot braces aren’t flat but are aggressively ridged.
By the end I my feet were pretty sore from the ridges digging in. I’ll wear my aqua socks next time.

I should have qualified my Fathom LV seat comfort statement to note that I removed the backband and hinge, replacing it with the Eddyline “floating” backband (which was specified in my order but they screwed up). Didn’t like that one either so I replaced it with a smaller backband from CLC, which sits much lower. The new owners of the company are working on redesign of that backband setup. Also glued minicell foam to the bare plastic around the seat because of the pressure it caused on my tailbone.

They use Sea-Dog foot braces (now called Sea-Lect). Nice brace because it’s so easily adjusted while in the boat. A good paddling shoe comes in handy on rocky shorelines.