Favorite canoe seat cushion

I’m getting ready for a week long (65 mi) river trip. I mostly kneel, because it’s more comfortable( lumbar issues) but by the nature of this trip I will also sit. Anyone have a good seat cushion? air? gel?

Thanks once again,


You didn’t say what kind of seat…you
have Leight, but if it is a tractor style seat, both Nanci and I use the waffle foam glued to the seat.

You can get it from J&J canoe in upstate NY.

I use two layers, and it is good to my butt for a all day paddle.

You cut it to fit your seat.



Trip prep, months in advance
Drink lots of full-bodied beer. A built-in seat cushion is best.

Leigh are you backpaddling?
That sounds like a 13 hour trip!

Of course this is all banter because I dont know where you are “floating” (it seems you wont be doing much paddling).

I have no luck with pads but if you want an inexpensive one to use and toss without guilt go to Wal Mart and buy a garden kneeling pad. Duct tape might hold it in place if you ever get to paddle during this trip. Seems you mignt not have to duct tape it.

I did the 90 miles of the Current in 17.5 hours. Big mistake I made was actually paddling. The outfitter indicated it was a seven day trip. Try three.

You shoulda…

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You should have put in at Montauk State Park & paddled down to the Missouri-Arkansas state line on the Current.............139 miles.

With the high water level on the Current while you were there, you were probably doing about 5 mph average by just "keeping it in the center" of the river & doing a few correction strokes on occasion.

I like Cooke Custom Covers butt pad.


TG Canoe Livery in San Marcos
sells what they call “Safari Foam”. Supposedly this is what the water safari paddlers have come to think is the best seat padding foam out there. I put some over the web seat on my Argosy (with duct tape) and find it very comfortable. Raising my sitting height with the foam really made it much more comfortable to kneel in the canoe. I had foot flex issues and got cramps in my instep.

Good luck finding something that works for you.


Hunting cusion
I use foam cusion (Therma pad??) from the hunting department. They are nicely sized, light weight, 1/2" or so thick, non-slip, and only cost about $5-7. We don’t glue or tape them in so we can use them around camp too. We bought the blaze orange model so it can double as a signal device.


oops! sorry I have an adjustable web
seat (wenonah vagabond)

Seat Cushion
I’ve used an ordinary boat/flotation cushion for years. I use ethafoam knee pads with the cushion on the center thwart, for butt padding when solo in moderate white water.

Deepwater, or with a partner, I just sit on it on my cane seats. At my age, my legs give out before my butt.

I would opt-
for 12 smashed beer cans- may not be the most comfortable, but after a 12 pack - who really cares!!

…gel works…also a ww pedestal…
Gel has worked nicely 4me in the past…

You’d be surprised how nicely a good ww pedestal can feel…


Whoopee Cushion will scare moose
and bears away.

Not gators, though. It will attract gators.

I have the web seat from Wenonah also. I use the self-inflating thermarest seat cushion designed for that type of seat. It has the quick release buckles for attachment to the seat. I have used it for several years. It appears to be very durable as I don’t even take it off during transport on the vehicle. It wouldn’t be in your way during kneeling, and you can adjust the cushion comfort to your own liking by the opening the air valve.