Favorite Craigslist Kayak Listing Comments

Here my some of my favorite comments I’ve seen in kayak for sale listings on Craigslist:
– Brand new, only used 6 times
– Has hole / crack in bottom, simple to fix
– Light weight 70 pound kayak

What are yours?

Aquaterra 14’ Kayak is grate these go for up to $4000 so just $1200.

(boat is filthy, oil canned, scratched to heck and missing hatch covers)

Don’t both discussing since he knows what he’s got…

This is from a current ad on Facebook for an Avocet:

“Valley Kayak, made in Nottingham England. Light, fast, balanced (especially when using the skeg). The best kayak Ive ever used, but moving and can’t bring it with me.

Perfect for beginners or higher skill level because its light and balanced, it is lightweight and so really glides on the water. Ballpark 80-100lbs, so easily managed by two people but Ive managed just by myself before. “

I own an Avocet RM. Thing’s heavy but…