favorite kayak camping chair?

I’m looking for feedback on favorite kayak camping chairs. For canoeing, I use a folding, reclining, metal/canvas thing from kmart. But it’s not exactly going to fit in my kayak hatches, and I don’t like strapping stuff to the kayak. (Yes, I know all the canoe campers are laughing now).

What are people’s favorite camp kayak chairs? I don’t much like the thermorest, sit on the ground types–they don’t work well for my back.

Has anyone tried the kelsyus mesh chair? It folds pretty small. Or the kermit chair, advertised somewhere on this website? Any other favorites?


Scoop a depression in the gravel/sand
with your foot in front of a log. I know it’s a serious question, but one more thing you have to pack. Nature has provided for my sitting needs perfectly for many, many journeys.

Think about it. Think of the freedom one gains when all non-essential crap is left at home. Lighter boat, fast packing, less stress, greater comfort overall. Just a thought.

I think it was Yvon Chouinard who said “narrow your gear down to the essentials, then cut it in half!” Something to that effect.

you will love this camping chair
I agree with Salty when I’m doing 50 mile section hikes on the Appalachian Trail…if it doesnt have 2 or even better 3 uses the the item stays at home…but when paddle camping I do take some ‘luxuries’…now combining Salty’s logic and using the lightest gear and the most uncomplicated I can take even more stuff…which really means more food/water so I can stay out longer. What weighs 28 pounds can provide for me on a winter hike in the Smoky’s for three days (not counting water of course, the 28pound pack weight does include 1 liter of water)can also provide for me in the kayak…of course paddle clothing and paddle specific gear (like paddles) adds up.

This is my favorite camp chair of all time:


I even carry two of them in the RV. It is like sitting in a hammcock, you are off the ground, and it is very comfortable, weighs less than two pounds. But as purchased it will not fit in a kayak hatch…load the next page linked and look at the bottom row of pics for pics of the same chair in the hatch. You cant tell from the pics but it does lay flat when in the hatch.


Any questions just ask.

But how
do you get up out of it? Looks like you sit nearly on the ground with your knees up? I’m old and creaky.:slight_smile:

Coleman chair
I have a couple of Coleman chairs -aluminum/canvas. Paid $10 but I have not seen any in the stores for a few years. Weigh but a few ounces and I bungy it to the top of my yak.

This is what I have …

More like a stool with a back rest.


Who makes the sling chair?

On the other hand, Mason liked his

I either sit on a log, or (if I’m feeling really decadent) pull out the thermarest and sit or lie on it. :slight_smile:

Ken’s Chair
is the best one I’ve plopped my butt down on at a campsite. It’s a fold up stadium seat he got on sale at Wally World and also doubles as seat for his canoe.

AND, I don’t have to pack or carry it.

Any day on the water is a great day,


Turkey hunting chair
Okay, this chair didn’t have paddling in mind when it came into conception. However since it’s low to the ground and collapsible with a 2 ft. total height, I find I can slide it in through my front hatch. The down side is campsite turkeys are attracted to it once you get out of it.

Since this chair is basically a beach chair, I take it to the beach in the summer. Note that a camo beach chair at the beach gets a few jokes.


chair kit for the overnites and a small square of closed cell foam otherwise

If sitting too low to the ground
is an issue, you should try this one out:


I bought it for a long trip that I took with my Mom, thinking we’d have a lot of standing around to do. She loved it. I love it. It’s got great back support, I think it comes in two different heights. It’ll fit in my kayak hatch pretty easily too.

I also have one of these: http://www.gcioutdoor.com/products_trailsling.htmand it’s comfy too, but VERY low to the ground. Fun at the campfire after a hard day of paddling though. Inevitably someone else wants to try it out, and after a couple glasses of wine, it’s hysterical to watch them try to get up. :slight_smile:


trail sling ultralight
I like the looks of that sling ultralight–especially since it’s on sale at campmor. For years, I’ve mostly just dug a hole in the sand for my back, but maybe it’s time for a little more comfort.

looks like you found one at Campmor

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Well my sling chair is manufactured by Crazy Creek....and its real name on the Crazy Creek website is 'Cradle Lounger'.
now here is something else you can do with the chair if you are so motivated...
go to http://www.luxurylite.com/
and check out their backpack.....it would be realy simple to make cylinders (use use stuff sacks)that would go on the sling chair.
I've go on of luxurylite's backpacks, the cylinders attach to the frame with simple velcro.
So you could have a backpack in the kayak that is also a chair.....so why to have a backpack in the kayak....well what if something happenend and you need to leave the kayak and backpack to another place?

I have been looking for a chair to put in our kayaks when we paddle to the beach (we’ve tried the chair in a bag, very cofortable but big and heavy) would this chair you mentioned be good for a day at the beach (can you lay head back comfortably?)If so, Id love to get more detail on where to get, and how to custum cut to fit.

Thanks, Brad.