Favorite kayak spots on Tybee Island?

I’m taking my son in law for his first salt kayak. Any favorite spots in Tybee in the backwaters? He’s a jock & healthy. We’ll go over to Little Tybee but I would like to do some saltmarsh, too.

Thank you!

Jack’s Cut
Since no responses, I had to brave it. Paddled to Little Tybee and Myrtle’s Point at the tip of Little Tybee. On the way back I recognized Masha of Sea Kayak Georgia who was on the water giving a lesson. I had taken some sea kayak classes from her a couple of years ago and she’s wonderful.

She directed us to Jack’s Cut which runs on the back side of Little Tybee. Although it’s tricky to follow, it connects to a pass that circles around the island through the salt marsh. Great paddling! A few smaller sharks and dolphin.

It’s a great kayak local.