Favorite Lure Species for Walleye

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I've been trolling with a jointed Shad Rap for a while now with good results, but last June, a huge Canadian Northie broke my line and took my favorite one back into the drink after I had landed him (I really thought he was played out). When trying to replace it, I found the color configuration has been discontinued. I was wondering if anyone else uses a jointed deep diver type of lure for trolling in northern waters, and if so, what you suggest I use in place of my dear departed JSR?

Crank Baits
I’ve had good luck with a Rebel Crawfish, in any of the sizes. The best color seems to be the brown with the orange belly. I’ve had some success with the all natural colored model and a few strikes with the brown with the chartreuse belly.

I’ve not tried any jointed crank baits. I mostly use floating one piece models.

As far as deep divers, I’ve had some success with shad, perch and bass colored deep divers.



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Wabbler, silver spoon with dimples (Thats an old school lure, sorry) or I've had good luck with the Thunderstick Jr. or floating orange Rapala. Mostly I've had them hit a harness while trolling with an ultralight - that will keep you busy. Fish On.

By far
the best crank bait I ever had was a Rebel Tiny Wee-R with bass body/light gray belly.The thing was like magic catching LOTS of fish but something with a mouth full of sharp teeth took it away years back.I’ve never seen one anywhere since.There are some that look similar but…

Rapala or Twister tail
Dear Beaverjack,

I’ve caught many walleye and I think every one of them was either caught on a Rapala or a jig head and Twister tail.

I like Rapala’s in Blue/Silver, Black/Gold Firetiger, Perch, and Clown. Twister tails only need to come in 3 colors, Black, Purple, and Chartreuse.

If you want to troll deeper put a barrel swivel on your main line about 2 feet ahead of your Rapala and tie a 6 inch section of 4# test line to one of the eyes of barrel swivel. To that attach a bank sinker with enough weight to get to the depth you need to be at. You can get a floating Rapala down to 15 or 20 feet deep easily with a long line and 1/2 to 3/4 ounces of bank sinker.

If the sinker catches on something a quick yank will break the 4# test and you’ll get your $ 6.00 Rapala back.

You can also use in-line sinkers with eyes if you are concerned about dropping lead in the water but you lose a lot of the snagless feature of having the sinker on a dropper.


Tim Murphy AKA GOOBS

Favorite lures
Not sure how far north you consider northern waters, but on Lake Erie just about anything purple or gold. Reef Runners are popular where I live (Huron/ Vermilion), but I have been drifting a lot over the last few years. Gold Erie Dearie w worm seems to be the ticket.