Favorite Lures

What’s your favorite lure? I like just about anything Rapala makes. Particularly the original floater, because I can fish it on top, suspended or on the bottom. When I’m throwing flies the Miss Priss popper gets the nod from me. How about you?

Aw, What the Heck
Probably 90% of the time I use the mini Rebel Crawdad. Won’t give away my favorite color, though. Excellent for Smallies and trout on Ozark streams and Smallies in the BWCAW. WW

Man, I love lures. I fish 100% artificials and can’t get enough! I wrote an article about my favorite 6 lures for a particular bay out here (Mission Bay) - you can read it online at http://www.plasticnavy.com/articles.htm

But my alltime favorite lures are these two:

o Megabait Irons, all sizes!

o Berkley Frenzy Medium Diving Minnow - chrome/black - discontinued January 1 of this year. :frowning:

Hey, Wildernessweb
Since you were willing to pass along your favorite lure in the BWCAW/Quetico, I guess I can do the same, and I will even tell you the color. I troll and cast a black Jitterbug from sundown to complete darkness. It seems to attract big smallies, and you just can’t beat watching a 5-6 lb smallie come clear out of the water to attack a surface bait. As it gets darker, the gurgle sound that it makes lets me know that it is working properly and not tangled, especially when I am trolling it.


I catch fish on buzz baits from the small rivers here in Ohio to the BWCA. I have caught plenty of 4 pound smallies on them and my bro caught a 41.5 inch Pike. I also really love Deep baby N’s and popin images.

Hey Wilderness Web
Why won’t you tell us your favorite color? Are you afraid we are going to catch all the fish or buy up all the lures? My favorite lure would probably be a 1/8 oz jig and 3 or 4" grub.

O.K., O.K. !
The light olive color works the best. My theory is that this color most closely resembles the soft-shell phase of the crawdad. Haven’t used jitterbug in years, but have done well in the past on that and the Pop-R. You’re right, love watching those bass hit topwaters. If I had only one lure to chose from, for day in, day out smallie and trout, I think the crawdad’s the best! WW

something about black and smallies
I have good luck with a no.10 black foam spider with 1 1/4 inch white rubber legs. Also a No. 14 Black Knat works great. They will not look at the brown Knats but really slurp up the black ones.

Chug Bug
I’ve had a huge variety of fish hit a gray 4" Chug Bug from smallies to 6ft. tarpon. Day in and day out, though, a jig with some kinda soft plastic like a grub tail is the most productive. The Chug Bug is just more fun.

favorite plug
Rapala Skitterwalk and Skitterpop!!

Mark me down…
with a 1/4 ounce weedless gold spoon behind a #4 Hidebrandt in-line spinner for redfish in the shallow ponds.

Often overlooked is the effectiveness of good ole fahioned worm behind a torpedo weight for catching redfish in these same ponds. In barely brackish areas I’ve caught redfish, flounder and bass all in the same pond on the same day. The color of the worm is dictated by the clarity of the water. Dark water = dark worm and vice versa.

I find that a Spin bait works great in rivers and lakes. I like a Mepps Silver blade with white tail. For Rivers cast up stream and allow to move down stream as you reel so it just spins and does not move to fast. Cast it over known structure like large submerged rocks and you will have success. For lakes use a larger spinner with a metal leader for pike.


favorite salty water trolling lure
I seem to have the best results for stripers and blues trolling a black tube. I prefer the unweighted single (end hook) model. I also now use the new fake sand worms on the end.

Many keeper stripers off the NH and MA coasts and dozens of angy blues.

In Florida-Exude and DOA’s seem to
get consistent results for reds, snook, trout in the ICW, on the flats, etc. Have had some spectacular results with Chug Bugs(Tiger stripe) early and late, caught my biggest snook on an old 11" Rapala at dawn. It’s all fun!;0

Exudes RT ?
Snook4, Is it the RT Slug you’re using, also how are you rigging it? I have trouble finding the Exudes, shops run out of them pronto. The DOA has been real Dead for me, I guess I work em too fast. My biggest snook also came on a Rapala type lure, a six inch floating Bomber long “A”, chrome with black back.

akayaka-are you in FL? The Mepps
website lists many dealers carrying Exudes in FL.

Go to: www.mepps.com/mistertwister and click on

Dealer List for your location.


Fishing lures are best at catching fishermen.

only one?
If I could only take one lure with me on survivor it would be a bucktail. Fished with alot of pop they will catch any fresh or saltwater fish on earth.


wolly bugger, blk, brn/ clouser minnow ,chart/white red/white

Gotta change my lure
Caught a 5 lb. bass yesterday on a deer hair popper. Yep, that’s my favorite!