favorite online tide tables?

hello everyone,

i was curious is anyone had any online tide-table sites that they felt positive about. i have looked around but only found sites that left me feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused. some sites also seem to have irregularities that left me feeling less than confident.

any advice would be appreciated. i am in the pacific northwest if that helps any.


On-line Tide Tables
I always go to saltwatertides.com

Check this one out
It’s pretty neat, you get:

*Tide Charts

*10 Day Weather Forecast

*Sunrise and Sunset Times

*Moonrise and Moonset Times

*Moon Phase Details

All in a nifty format with a zoomable satellite map.


The full URL is:


I like it because it not only provides a wealth of spots so you can better pinpoint what the tides will be forecast at the spot you’re actually interested in without having to add (or subtract) an adjustment, or much of an adjustment.

It also enables graphic representations as well as tabular readouts, so you can better estimate current flow (even tho’ they note that that’s NOT the object, it’s a handy shortcut if you have a little knowledge of the geography of the spot).

The readout is easily tailored for number of days, or hours, desired, as well as English vs. metric, 12 vs. 24-hour clock posting, time period tickmarks, color vs. B/W presentation, etc.

And finally, on many sites, there are links to follow to see just what the area you’re interested in looks like from a map/chart perspective.

While I also like saltwatertides, I find tbone an easier and more intuitive approach to get the basic waterscape background info before we


-Frank in Miami

This is the best site
I use this site exclusively and I use it a lot. I also rely on the current predictions which are pretty accurate. tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/tides09/