Favorite Rest Area

Pics show one of our favorite places to stop and take a break. It’s about 3 miles upstream of our favorite put-in on the St Joseph river…right where power lines cross the river. There’s lush vegetation with a little stream of water flowing down to the river and the only way to hike into the vegetation is to follow the sandy bottom stream. The old dog turns into a puppy and just pronks up and down the stream.

I have a suspicion that we’re not the only ones that like this spot.


That’s a gem of a stop, Tom.

Looks lovely

My favorite rest areas are lonely places on big western rivers with no tracks, clean beaches where a human has probably never camped before. There is nothing like the inside of a big bend on a sandy beach above the water with a few shade trees. A canoe is “the gateway to peace and utter freedom.” Col Townsend Whelen.