Favorites and Search in GoPaddle section/app?

Have not been on site for quite a while and had to re-register… Perhaps because of change from .net to .com?

In looking at Go Paddle, I do not see a way to add favorites and have a problem trying to search…

Intention is to tag locations I want to check out online while at home and access the list in the app on my phone to get to them.

Obvious alternative is to create a trip for each one, but hoping it would just be a “heart” icon to click and add to list.

I know this isn’t Zillow, but it is worth asking…

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,

While the change from Pnet to Pcom did revamp the maps, you can still add new locations as well as search using the magnifying icon at the right hand top of the page. Sorry I can’t help with the app as I haven’t downloaded it.

The Go Paddle area is not intuitive. It is a too busy page which must be read/review. Adding New paddle locations is there, as is a way to trip report. Also, finding locations is done on an easy to use map once you zoom into the general area you are interested paddling.

Thanks for the replies.

Certainly do not want to gloss over appreciation for the map itself, as I think it is great to have this repository of paddling information.

Just looking to see if there is a favorites option I may have missed…

My girlfriend and I keep our paddling to flat water and, with all that is going on today, are trying to find less crowded options than our standard Marsh Creek…

Stay safe all!

There are definitely some things we need to work on with the Go Paddling app and the map.

The app has a favorites feature that is not currently available in the web version (lame I know). We made some big structural changes behind the scenes recently that will make this process easier. I wish I had a timeline on the improved integration but as of right now, I do not.

COVID-19 has forced us and our developers to slow way down so progress is a lot slower than we would like.

Thanks for your patience.



Ive just installed the Go Paddling app and found the way to add favorites.
If you select your location and click on “location details” on the top right hand corner of your screen there should be a greyed out heart, click on this heart and it will add that location to your favorites.

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