Favourite Cheese?

Hi folks.

I like food, as I am sure many of you do. I would like to become a conisseur of fine cheese. Right now, I suppose I am more gourmand than gourmet. What sorts of cheese do you all like to pack in your boats?

My favourites are old cheddar, Edam, and maybe Brie or Camembert (what’s the difference, anyway).

10 days in a pack cheese
After 10 days in a warm pack or food barrel, I can’t use the terms “conisseur” or “fine cheese” to describe the cheese that is on my canoe trips. After about the 4th day the oil starts rendering out and the cheese kind of reverts back to the chewy, squeaky curd stage. Still cheese is a very important staple in my back country menus. Two kinds I always take are medium ceddar and swiss.

Extra sharp Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss.

Preserving Cheese
Another cheese question: Has anyone tried a method of preserving cheese that involves wrapping it in vinegar soaked cloth, then wax?

This is a link to an article that suggests it:


Cheese for tripping
Any firm or hard cheese. Any and all. Cheddars, edam, gouda, emmethals, gryere, asiago…

Soft cheese aren’t meant for tripping.

cheese preserving
I have used this method several times and it has worked well. I did not use the vineger though and had no problem with cheese lasting a couple of weeks or longer if not in a real warm weather. Wrap it in cheesecloth and dip several times in parifin wax making sure it is sealed well.

The kind
in the aerosole can. mmmmmmmmm

I have had good luck preserving
cheese up to eighteen days by keeping it in a small collapsible cooler in a baggie and using a cool river water bath each day…easy to do…

what an intersting topic
I certainly am a cheese lover and that is a often limiting factor of the outdoor gourmet experience, especialy on exteneded excursions.

I had no idea there were such options! thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.


Nacho average gourmand (HA HA)

Whatever I can find in the
wilderness. This board is getting moldy with non-wilderness paddling topics. How about taking your cheese to the paddler’s discussion forum, or have a food fight on bicker and banter?

Sorry about that,

I’m a bit of a rookie with the message board. I guess I just thought food and tripping go hand in hand.

Is this section mostly for route information, then?

Although I live close to Wisconsin,
I like extra-sharp Vermont white cheddar.


Canned cheese
WSU (Washinton) has a dairy program that makes a selection of cheeses that are canned. They are supposed to be refrigeated but will stand several days of warm temps. ( I have them sent to Hawaii and they are always wonderful.) Their Cougar Gold is magnificant.