Fayetteville, NC

Looking for a spot around the Fayetteville, North Carolina area safe enough for my wife to try her iSup for the first time.

Lake Rim in town, but it’s pretty small. Slightly larger and southeast of town on 242, Jones Lake State Park.

Some people go out to Mott Lake on Ft Bragg, but you can be fined by the Military Police.

Thanks for the info

I remember my time at Ft. Bragg fondly?
We called Fayetteville Fayettnam because so many of our instructors had been there and so many of us were headed there.
The only water we saw were the muddy creeks we slogged through.

LOL, we call it the same thing. Thankfully I actually live about 30 miles outside of town closer to Clinton out in the country. Expecting our new Bote to show up in the mail today :wink:

If you’re out in Clinton, Jones Lake is closer.

Ya, that is what I am thinking as that is where I did my 1st Kayak shakedown. I am just not sure how they are about people falling off of boards there outside of the swimming area? Do you know? I have a neighbor’s son that works there but he hasn’t answered me yet. Our new Bote isup was delivered today :wink:

I don’t think there’d be any problem as long as you weren’t deliberately tried to swim against the rules, and you have a PFD as required by law.

That’s what I figured. I will be with her on my kayak as well. Will def have a PFD. Do you know what the rules are in NC about having those belt blow-up PFD’s?

I use them for paddleboarding and they meet the legal requirement. NC law is funny about paddleboards, if you’re on inland waters, it is a regular vessel and PFD is required. If in the ocean it is considered equivalent to a surf board and PFD is not required, although most beaches require a leash if in the surf.

Awesome, thanks for the info. I watched a guy last week in the surf and no PFD and no leash. He had a rough time. I surf so I know better… Your info was very helpful!!!