Feathercraft for larger paddler?

tooling with the idea of getting a Feathercraft since shipping my hard shell kayak to exotic locations seems very impractical.

I paddle an Impex Assateague which fits me well.

I read that the cockpit on the Feathercrafts is a bit smaller then the Impex one but my main concern is leg/feet room. At size 12 feet I don’t fit most tight kayaks if I wear proper footwear (hard soled Merrel watershoe that can take coral or sharp objects on the beach/water).

I have my eyes on the Wisper.

Anybody that is 6’1" , 35" inseam and around 220Lbs that fits the Feathercrafts?

The K1 has a rudder and I rather have a kayak without one. Price on the Wisper is also more reasonable then the other Feathercrafts.


public service announcement
Feathercraft K1 folding kayak - $200 (Seattle)


great price!
I paddled with a 6 foot fella who had to be over 250# and he seemed to do well in a ‘Big Kahuna?’ by Feathercraft.


Ask here

You should fit a K1 or a Kahuna fine. I had a 6’3" friend with size 13 feet squeeze into my Khatsalano but it was pretty tight.

dang, price is right
but location not… I live in Australia :slight_smile:

I realize though there won’t be many used Feathercrafts for sale down under and purchasing in USA and shipping to OZ will have to be done, when ready.


Folbot Cooper works
At 6’1", 270 lbs, the Cooper cockpit was plenty big. The boat does ride fairly low in the water at my weight, so you might not have much cargo capacity left. Folbots are very good folders and less expensive than Feathercrafts.

I took a K-1 Exp to Greenland
for a 2+ week trip and I’m about 190, 6’1" and 34+" inseam and had no issues with fit at all. Had to bring the pegs back a bit to get my knees up to brace. Great boats! Held a good size load and actually paddled pretty well empty on day trips, though not quite as well as my hard shell. I wouldn’t worry about fit.

I am 6’1" 230 and paddle a Wisper
You may or may not have problems with foot room - I have just enough and I wear a 10 and a half. It may depend on how you place your feet or what angle you set the footbrace at, though (I have it nearly vertical, so I’m sure I use the most space possible).

The cockpit is rather snug, but not too bad. I find that I don’t even need the extra bracing bars because I can brace on the inside of the cockpit rim quite well.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to haul any major gear in this boat. It’s rated for 300 pounds, but it’s not a big boat by any strecth of the imagination. If you plan to do more than any weekend paddling, I’d go with a K-1 (whcih also has a larger cockpit).

If you live near a dealer, I’d take a test paddle or at least sit in the boat, if you can.

Long Haul Mark 1
Look at the Long Hauls also. I’m 6’2", 220 and have no fit issues in the Mark 1. I purchased it to take it on the Al River trip in a few weeks and to Brazil (Rio Negro) next year. I initially thought I could survive with one kayak but already, I’m looking at the same Impex that you have. Maybe in the fall.