Feathercraft Wisper - weathercocking?

I am interested in the Feathercraft Wisper, which I have test paddled but only in calm conditions. Can anyone give me their experiences on how this boat behaves in windy conditions? Did you paddle with the boat loaded or empty? Comparisons to hardshells such as the Storm, Solstice, or Looksha IV would be great, but any info appreciated.

Thanks for any information. I am 5’11" and 170 pounds.

got one
highest wind speed i’ve paddled the Wisper in is 12-17, weathercocking was not a problem but i’m right at 190pounds and i used the strap-on skeg provided by FC and probably because of ‘conditioning’ i’m used to leaning into turns, something which the Wisper loves, at its length it turns so easily. I’ve not paddled with any weight besides paddler in it.

Yes, but I’m small for that boat

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I demo'ed one in light wind, and it did weathercock (did not use the strap-on skeg. I weigh less than 110 lbs, though.

I used to own a Squall (roto analog of the Solstice GTS), and it too weathercocked. Not as bad as a few I've tried, but worse than others. I kind of shrug it off as being due to my small size and weight. Between the two, I'd say the Squall weathercocked more...but it had a rudder.

The Wisper is a nice boat--if you're seriously thinking of buying one, demo it on a windy day.

how many kayaks dont?
a gallon jug of water solves several problems, errr make it a gallon of jack :slight_smile: and you might have as many problems as solutions.

Wisper is
flexible like all folding boats and seems to be very forgiving in big waves. A firend of mine has one and we have paddled in 3-4 ft seas together, and he had no problems whatsoever.