Feature-by-feature VHF comparison?

My husband and I have one VHF radio, an Icom M1V. We are finally going to buy another one so we can actually communicate with each other if necessary.

As we bought that one a couple years ago, I would like to see what’s available now and compare them on a feature-by-feature basis.

Does such a buying chart exist?

Also, I am looking to buy a simple marine compass and wonder what mail-order sources sell both the radios and the compasses. (Yes, I know about West Marine.) I would like the kind of compass that has short bungies/clips so it can be moved on and off the kayak easily.

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There was a huge one recently. I threw in my usual “more than 2¢” there. Too much to go over again. Links to specs, etc. (available on MFG sites for all to see…!)

Or skip all that and just get the Icom M72!!! many have been through this exercise recently and this one wins hearts and minds by a large percentage. Smallest icom by volume, shorter antenna, most waterproof, kick butt battery life, loudest speaker, nicest fit in hand and most PFD pockets, etc., etc…

Agree, just buy the M72 it’s the best 1

Links to comparison charts