February AuSable Overnight

Another February weekend trip in the books. Spring like weather before & after but a bit of winter for the weekend. Probably upper 'teens at launch but sunny & not much breeze. A nice day for a paddle. Temps warmed through the day to, maybe, upper 20s & mid 20s at night. By the time we made it back to Grayling Sunday afternooon it was upper 40’s. Put in downtown Grayling, lunch at Burton’s Landing, camp at White Pine, and take out at Parmalee. I’ve been doing this since about 1990 with a couple of years either shortened or moved to March due to Ice. There are a couple of others along who have been doing this trip rather longer.

We wern’t sure if this meant that we should use the river and not the outhouses up at the parking lot :laughing:


I’ve helped my son and his fellow paddler 4 times on the Marathon…Just beautiful area

Looks great to me! Looks like great timing with the nice weather too.

I’m contemplating an AuSable trip in a few weeks, but with a sit-in kayak. Thanks for sharing!

No one is dressed for immersion.