Feel Free Kayaks

Anybody try the Feel Free Nomand kayak? Hard not to notice their low prices - made in Thailand, I believe.

Anyhow, I can grab one brand new for about $350! Check this out. Anybody try one yet?


They look like waterbugs.
I wonder if they zip around in circles?

I have one

– Last Updated: Dec-12-05 8:23 PM EST –

and I love it. I got the skeg and it helps. I would recommend you get the skeg also. I did have to use my dremel tool to enlarge the hole to get the skeg to fit however, but it wasn't a big deal. I wouldn't do a multi day trip with it, but it's a fun little boat. Very stable. I use mine on the lower salt river which is a blast, and also around a few local urban lakes. I also bought the thigh braces, though I haven't used them. I also don't like a wet ride, so I bought 6 of the "small" yellow ocean scupper plugs and they work great. It's got 2 hatches, which seal well, and they have a nylon mesh bag inside so they don't hold a whole lot, and you can't reach them from the seat, but, I keep everything I need to get access to in the well behind my seat. I like having the well behind the seat. The seat also has fanny pack sized zippered pocket on the back where I keep a few things like wallet and keys in a ziplock freezer bag. It's got a waterbottle holder between your legs, just past the knees, it bungees it on it's size and is readily accessible. I'm thinking of rigging mine up for fishing this spring. (click on my profile to see mine in action).

One last thing, I'd go for the 'nomad' over their 'move'. It's a little longer and paddles a "little" straighter with the skeg. You can't get the skeg with the 'move', I don't think.