Feel Free Moken Angler

Anybody have any experience with a Feel Free Moken Angler? I’m considering one of the “12s,” but I’m also interested in looking at a “13.” …

Some parameters: I typically fly fish (trout and smallmouth) on slower, small rivers and tailwaters in Arkansas. I’m a relatively big guy 5’ 11", 215. Although I’d like to be able to stand up and fly fish from the kayak, I’d generally use it to get from one wade fishing location to the next, etc.

I have a Moken 12 and I love it, it is perfect for fishing and has a built in tackle box, also what they call a live well… well without water fish won’t stay alive, I use it for trash. It’s not a dry boat, you will get wet and don’t worry about weight, I am over 6 feet and weigh 250+ and I load it down. It is a heavy boat, but it has the wheel in the keel, so it is easy to transport. I have been down some class I and class II and maybe III rivers without issues, but I wouldn’t do anything more, it’s also a stable boat and you can sit with both legs over the side and fish. I like mine…

Great fishing boat
I have the Moken 10 angler in green camo and have been very impressed with it.I fish with my legs hanging over the side and stand sometimes,its a very stable kayak.

I often take the front hatch off to make room for my fishing buddy “Border collie” when we do multi day trips down the river,you won’t weigh this boat down.

Wouldn’t change a thing about the Moken.

Moken 12 Angler
Hello There!

I’m new to the kayak world, and stumbled upon the Moken during my search for a kayak. I’ve noticed several places around me (north Texas) that sell the Moken 10, but I can’t find anywhere selling the 12 footer. Where did you pick yours up from?