FeelFree SOTs to sell only from dealers

FeelFree SOT kayaks, of which over 3,500 have sold mainly on Ebay with over 99% approval rating, will sell exclusively from dealers after the end of the month. SOTs are gaining in popularity, and my TriYak has convinced me that they are worth the experience. The high-tech design provides super smooth paddling and stability. The low profile defies the wind, and if you like to paddle during mid-day, that alone can make it or break it for the paddling excursion when some wind is moving. They are great for day trips.

Some will still sell on Ebay through the month, at lower than market prices. If you don’t mind driving to a trucking terminal to pick up your SOT wrapped in bubble wrap, you can save some $$$ on the purchase. My buy and pick-up went very well.

For the consumer who prefers worthwhile chit-chat with a knowledgeable salesperson, a purchase via a dealer will be in your cards.

There are reviews for FeelFree SOTs here and there, and they are all highly favorable.

Happy Paddling!

FeelFree kayaks
I thought you were affiliated with FeelFree. I’m sorry about my post concerning that. I thought you were a rep looking for free ad space. Please accept my apology. I have pulled my post.

Does read like ad/marketing NM


I thought it said “Free Feel”


“In San Diego, Maui, Cocoa Beach and other coastal areas, surfing on the Feelfree™ MOVE has quickly become the salt-water rage!”

Yes folks these boats are a salt water rage in San Diego …

Never seen one .

You were not looking - - -
at the kayak - - now were you???

I saw them on Ebay - - Never looked at them too seriously

It is a subliminal marketing trick …

Own 2 and like them a lot.
We used them during the beginning of our surf lessons and wound up prefering them over other kayak types for fun and manuverability. They are fast enough to catch waves and nimble enough for some nice surfing. We figure that they’ll work in surf and mild whitewater and also serve as a guest boat.

(I need multiple uses at this point to justify adding numbers 13 and 14 to the fleet.)