feet alseep

Just bought a WS Tsunami 145 and on an hour paddle my feet went numb. any suggestions on how to prevent that? Also with the thigh pads which way do you adjust them for tall paddlers FWD or AFT?

Several things you can try…
I have a Tsunami with the Phase 3. First and foremost, you probably need to involve your legs more in your paddling. Proper form would have you pushing off the foot pegs on the same side as paddle entry (ie. paddle enters water on right side, push with right foot/leg) while you are in your stroke. This will keep the blood flow going in the lower body. Make sure you stretch your hamstrings before you paddle.

Consider some sort of foam pad under your calves for support while you paddle. On flatwater, when I know I’m not getting after it, I’ll stuff my PFD up under my calves. This has helped me when my legs are partially or mostly out of the equation during “sightseeing”.

Occasionally, lean back in your seat to take the pressure off the spine/tailbone. Phase 3 seat has lots of adjustment, play around with it and try different positions for thigh support and seatback height. These have all helped me out, although the primary benefit for me is getting my legs into the stroke.

As for the knee braces, I’m tall. I use an inch or so of play between pad and area just above the knee under “normal” paddling. When you want to control the boat with your lower body, you’ll naturally flex your foot forward with the ball of your foot on the peg. This will bring your knee up and get the leg into the pad, allowing for feel and control in maneuvers. My pad is one or two holes before full forward adjustment. I prefer a forward thigh brace and using the footpegs for further adjustment.

Good luck with the 145. Good all-around boat.

Touching my toes before getting in the boat can help