Feet falling asleep in my yak

I have an old perception WW boat that I paddled when I was younger. I recently made some repairs to the boat after it sat for some years. Long story short, the boat now puts my feet to sleep within 30 minutes of put in. The boat has a custom dense road seat that seams to fit well and I fear to cut it back more than I have already in case I lose that snug feel.

I’m looking for ideas on what might be causing this problem.



Footrest position changes
I have one kayak where the setting on the footrest position can result in my feet and leg going to sleep. In one slot it is a little too long and my legs are too flat and I do not get solid contact. If I move it back one position it feels perfect at first. However, after 10-20 min paddling my legs and feet start going to sleep.

Fortunately the kayak has a velcroed in foam seat and if I move it back ever so slightly then the shorter position still feels correct on knee bend, but the legs stop going to sleep.

Maybe you can try going to a longer footrest position and if the next position is too long, try adding some padding on the footrest to artificially creat a footrest position that is midway between the actual ones available.

Good luck. Please let us know what if anything you find that works for you.


a thread titled Hips and legs that I started on June 16, 2012. Lots of good info there that might help you.

May just need a little foam for support in the right places. The outfitting on the older boats was very sparse.

Thanks to all
Hey All,

Thanks for the suggestions. I move the balkhead forward 1 notch and expanded the seat by an inch. Havnt paddled it yet but sitting in the boat for a half hour produced no numbness.

I was definently packed in too tightly. We will see how it rolls tonight I hope.

Thanks again


I always find that at the beginning of each season when i haven’t been in a boat for a while my feet always fall asleep, but that the more keep stretching my hamstrings throughout the winter the less i have it happen. It could just be that if it has been a few years you also need to stretch out some

I have an article
You can read this for some insight into the causes etc.