Fellow VCP owners...

Does anyone know of a web site that has Valley accessories…If I’m gonna have this nice of a boat, I want stuff made to the proper fit. Like a cockpit cover and such…

GRO (Great River Outfitters)
http://www.grokayaks.com/ in RI.

They are the official (North?) American distributors for Valley… so ya can’t get any closer to the horse than that.


When I want a real custom fit

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I go to snapdragon and pay them extra for it. Never regreted it. I have two custom (sent them templates and measurements and one stock ww skirt. they work for me.

Sing and others swear by the mountain surf duro ring when things are so nasty that I don't go out.

All Valley boats with keyhole cockpits use medium Snapdragon and Kokatat skirts and cockpit covers.

Also for accessories: http://www.shearwaterkayaks.com/mainpages/shop/vcppartsmain.html

If you are that into VCP

I just might have to…

Thanks for that site…
It’s just what I was looking for…

Cockpit covers are so easy to make…
…and so cheap, that it doesn’t seem worth it to pay for one. Other than that, there really aren’t many VCP accessories.

Neoprene Shirt For Skerrey?
Wher can I get a neoprene shirt for a Skerrey with an oean cockpit?

I have one that came with the used boat, but it has a tear. It also has a snapdagon, so I could use that, but th eneoprene seems more bombproof.

I got one for ya

Snapdragon for both of mine.
I too use Snapdragon everything, on both my Nordkapp and Pintail and have loved both the skirts and cockpit covers. My Pintail has an ocean cockpit so the skirt and cockpit cover were custom orders, but Rutabaga.com frequently has them in stock. I use neoprene cockpit covers, they cost a bit more, but I car-top with them on at 75+ mph and have never had a problem. Any parts I just order from GRO.

snapdragon should have all neo skirts
snapdragon should have all neo skirts