Felt like fall while paddling yesterday

I think the wild life felt it too. We saw quite an assortment out and about this trip. On the river we saw Redheaded Woodpeckers, Wood Ducks, Kingfishers, and Blue herons. We startled one half grown and 5 young wild hogs on a sand bar. They ran up the bank where we heard grunting from probably the big sow. We also startled a spike buck at the waters edge which ran up the steep bank and stopped to look back at us. A group of Black Vultures were in the trees above a dead deer in the river. On the last leg of the paddle we are on the Broad River for 3 miles where we saw 2 Bald Eagles. A very big Largemouth Bass rocketed completely straight up out of the water with its mouth wide open. That is a rare sight in my experience. On our shuttle back to the put in we saw 5 wild turkeys standing in the road, and had a Coyote start to cross in front of us then turn back and disappear into the woods.

Our last time paddling the Enoree River (which translates as River of Muscadines) was in April where we met 2members from the water tribe kayaking to the coast. and had two deer swim in front of us. Our trip this time I saw the muscadines had started falling at the put in. We found the log jams and downed trees arrangement on the river had changed since last spring. We were lucky in that we didn’t portage but we did have to cross over one jam by getting out on a tree and pulling the canoe over.

Should have taken a photo then. I also missed getting a good photo of any of the wild life we saw. Even had an Eagle come from behind flying about 40 feet directly over us, and before i could get my camera was to far away for a decent shot. Drat! Here are a few photos of the river and Frank eating lunch.

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Today it noon in the Georgia intracoastal it was 75 degrees…feels like fall.

Looks and sounds wonderful. My shoulder is forcing me to not paddle again and I’m hating missing out on this lovely weather.

It was 54 F when I left the house, and the high was 77. just enough breeze to make paddling in the sun comfortable.

The choices you have to make on how to get through the down trees are flow and water level dependent. The flow was low at 270 cfs, and water level at the Whitmire gauge just below 16.
We could go under some that would have blocked our way at higher water. High enough you might be able to go over others. Too high a CFS and the danger from sweepers will be magnified. A 900 cfs is the fastest water we have paddled there, but when flooding it can top it’s banks and the CFS can be near 5000. Then the river changes things. The next trip down it may look different.

Went out Tuesday on my birthday. Good day. Water temperature on the Chesapeake Bay down from 82° to 75°. End of my kayak season approaching. Osprey nest are empty. I miss their protests as I rounded the point near their nest. Saw a diving duck bobbing for a meal and come up with a fish as big as its head. Saw a lone bald Eagle. Not much other action on the water.

Started late this year, but made great progress. Learned a lot through the forum. My shoulder has issues as well Pru, but I think it was beneficial overall. Good news is that if it gives me too much trouble, I can get a bionic one.

Winter is a time to shop, mend, replenish and prepare for spring. Won’t it be grand! Be ready.

Looks very nice castoff