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I know this question has been asked a few times but after reading through them they do not answer exactly what I am wanting to know. I am a small framed female and I want a light Kayak (30-50 pounds top) that also has enough room in it for my 60 pound husky to ride with me. I am a beginner and have been looking at kayaks similar to the Perception Tribute and the Dagger Alchemy. I am using them for whitewaters and would love any suggestions!

Thanks in advanced!

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I know the Alchemy well (have one), but not the Perception as well. Likely everything I say about the Alchemy will hold true for the Perception.

The Alchemy is classified as a day touring kayaking. It is meant for day trips on flat water. It has some attributes that allow it to work well in wavy or tidal current waters by a skilled paddler, but is not a white water boat.

White water calls for special types of boats - called appropriately enough white water boats. These are short boats with spray skirts, and learning to roll (one of the reasons for the skirt) is considered an early skill requirement. No place for the dog.

Ignoring that the boat is not meant for white water, even on flat water you really won't be able to fit you and the dog in the cockpit of the Alchemy safely/with any ability to paddle the boat.

Most people with dogs use them in some sort of sit on top kayak, on flat water. The dog sits on the boat in front of or behind the paddler. The SOT is generally wide and stable, which allows for the dog to move around with less chance of flipping the paddler (can still happen). These boats are also slow as molasses and not appropriate for white water. (note - there are some specialized SOTs made for white water, but these ones would not be appropriate for carrying dogs).

There is an article in California Kayaker Magazine issue #10 on the basic types of kayaks (SOT, white water, touring, etc.), if you don't understand the terms I am talking about. Can be read online for free at http://www.calkayakermag.com/magazine.html.

Go Check Out at least
A dozen of more tandem kayaks with your dog and see which one works the best?

I think it’s kind of nuts to take a dog into white water, especially for a beginner. However, if you do, please get a proper PFD (i.e. life jacket, life vest, whatever) for your dog.

kayak with dog
No white water with dog but used to do plenty of lake, pond and river paddling with my 80+ German Shepherd. I would stradle my legs around both sides of her and up to rest my feet on the deck. We started when she was 8 weeks old and so she learned how to move / not move in the kayak. Usually she would sit in front of me in the cockpit and be my lookout. She loved it and would beat me into the boat. Sometimes she wanted to swim along side for a while then get in after she was a bit more tired. All was good but I would have to be prepared to get wet legs when she sat in between my legs wet!!! Not always nice when shedding. Trained her to not jump out until given the “ok”, which saved a lot of aggrevation of being tipped over or if there were other dogs on the shore that she wanted to go see. She even learned to just “watch” when we would see wild creatures like deer, or even beaver!!! I have Perception Swiftys which are a wide, and stable rec kayak, about 38 lbs and a large cockpit. I miss her joining me now that she’s gone, my new shepherd is too big but will swim along side.

Whitewater with dog…

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Don't do whitewater kayaking with a dog. The kayak that is suitable for whitewater paddling will not be suitable for hauling you and a big dog.
Using a big, heavy, stable, tandem kayak, or a big, heavy, stable sit on top, or using a recreational kayak with a big cockpit will probably result in you & your dog doing a lot of "whitewater swimming", as opposed to white water paddling.

3 strikes & you're out.........
Strike one: You're a beginner. No whitewater experience?
Strike two: You want to haul a big dog with you.
Strike three; You will likely choose a boat not suitable for whitewater, so you can haul the big dog.

Leave the dog at home, or seek more suitable paddling venues for yourself & your dog.

Another option is to "go for it"...........
Be prepared for natural consequences that often go hand in hand with poor decision making.