Female Relief--Portable Toilet ?

Someone posted a link a week or two ago for a small, portable toilet device suitable for female kayakers. The device consisted of a receptacle, plastic tube, flushable bag and optional carrying case. The accessory looks more like it was produced by a medical manufacture than the typical devices you see in camping stores. I did a search on the archive, but came up empty (no pun intended).

If someone bookmarked the website, please repost the URL.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s the thread you want

I believe you are referring to the freshette? The bags are not flushable, but are disposable.

I don’t use the bags, but I have made an adapter to attach a water bottle. I can pee into the bottle and empty it later. No consumables and recurring expense.


When ya gotta go…
When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!! :slight_smile:

Nope, not the Freshette
The URL displayed a similar, but smaller, streamlined device; but it definitely was not the Freshette. The optional carrying case for the device was embroidered.

I thought I bookmarked it, but when we decided to purchase it I couldn’t find it.

Any help would be much appreciated. I may try to repost again later in hopes of catching the person who orginally posted the URL Thanks.

Do a Google for female urinary device - I’m told they work