Fenn Mako XT vs. Millenium

How different are they?

If one had no stability challenges with the Mako, how difficult would the Millenium be?

I can speak for
the Mako XT, I have one and is in my rotation of boats I regulary paddle. Artisn Millenium and Sawyer Summersong are the others.

The XT is 19" wide, with a round bottom. I initially had stability problems with it, but after some seat time, the XT feels as stable as any other boat I have.

If You Can Paddle An Olympic K1
You shouldn’t have any trouble paddling a Fenn Mako Mil.

The Mil. is a Ferrari and the XT is a comfortable Fiat.

What Andy and Clyde said…

SIGNIFICANT difference in stability between the two. The Fenn Mill is a quite ‘caffeinated’ ski. It’s still one of the quickest for out and out speed, but it’s fairly ‘old school’ at this point. The new Elite, etc. offer the same speed with better stability.

If you’re supremely comfortable in the XT, the Mill will be a challenge, but doable, if you’re inspired, at least on the flat. The main difference is, most can probably jump right in the XT and paddle away, at least without falling in right away-in the Millenium, most would take a swim pretty quickly.

thank you all
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